60 years old, have become prejudice.

Judith Hickey
Austin, TX
Since I became disabled and had to live with and among blacks, I have become very prejudice. I am fed up with their whining and always using their race for every darn excuse. All of our ancestors were slaves when they first came to America. My kin, the Osage Indians, were killed and abused for the greed of the white man. Yet, I am what are called the “white people”. The government is causing prejudice to become more and more. Texas fair housing has decided that blacks are to be considered first above all other races. That is not fair. It’s supposed to be who is the most qualified despite color or race. The government is causing the rest of us to become very prejudiced. What I see now is very aggressive blacks who don’t care about following any rules of civility. Blacks went from dependency on their owner to dependency on the government. When are they going to be made to grow up? I hate their attitude of yelling louder to get their way. They tear up their own stores burn their own cars like a teenager throws a temper tantrum to get their way. Now I have decided that I prefer living around white people not spoiled teenagers. I of all people do not feel sorry for them and never will.

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2 Responses to "60 years old, have become prejudice."
  1. Yay for censorshipslip says:

    Oh someone actually got his truth out here, past the censorship.

    Maybe being indian, oh im sorry, what was the new politically correct term, helped.

  2. Elene Gusch, DOM says:

    Good grief, what censorship are you seeing, “Yay”? It seems to me that people have been expressing some very harsh truths around here, or at least what they see as truths. Your own nasty and sarcastic comment didn’t get censored, after all. And this poster, Ms. Hickey, is female, so it’s HER truth.

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