A black president. We’re ending it.

Marcus Wolf

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27 Responses to "A black president. We’re ending it."
  1. Harris110668 says:

    If you identify yourself in the greater context human you could walk on water.

  2. MITCHELL DAY says:

    Yes Harris110668 just divest ourselves of our White racial identity and you’ll LET us be free. Thank you SO much! 

  3. LJR says:

    If we all are going to persist in this color thing: ” First ” black ” President, 59th ” white ” president “etc….then maybe we should all become aware of this old Chinese proverb: ” The begining of wisdom is to call things by their proper names.”   America has had its first ” Mulatto” President, not ” Black ” President….Maybe some day Allen West will run for President and win…Then we’ll have our first ” Black ” President…..I’d vote for him!….So much for color.

    • Sweetpeamiller says:

      How about we skip the “mulatto” part and just call him Multi-racial!!!!

    • Frances Perkins says:

      At least be consistent.  No such thing as absolute racial ‘purity’ exists.  Or should. Humans have been circling the globe far too long for that, and your Alan West is no more pure ‘black’ than the man in the moon.  Your seeming claim to colorblindness doesn’t hold a single drop of water.  If you’d vote for West for dogcatcher, you’re simply fascist first and foremost, because that’s what he represents.  And yes, I’m a proud lifelong Democrat – Yellow Dog at that.  

      • LJR says:

        I think you read me wrong. I was poking fun at this whole racial ” puriity “thing, that’s why I put ” Black ” “White ” and ” Mulatto ” in quotes…..oh well.

        • Frances Perkins says:

          When you declare yourself a West supporter, there’s no way to read you wrong.  You ARE wrong.

          • LJR says:

            I really don’t know much about Allen West ( except that he’s dark – skinned and Military ). I was being sarcastic when I said I’d vote for him thinking that anyone who would post here would read  between the lines and realize that. I’ve heard many people say that they voted for Obama because he was ” Black”…actor Samuel LJackson said it..!!!

          • Frances Perkins says:

            Your air of wounded innocence fails to impress; it also implies I’m a dolt for not recognizing your brilliance.  Perhaps repartee is not your long suit.

          • LJR says:

            LOL!! I can see that there’s no talking with you; after all, you’re: ” a lifelong Democrat.” Forgive my repartee-ism.

      • LJR says:

        BTW Frances; You’ve called me a fascist and then shortly after that called yourself ” a lifelong Democrat. I am not partisan; I vote for the person..I think partisan people ( ” My party right or wrong ” ) should take a closer look at themselves before they prance around calling other people names…./What’s the difference between name-calling and racism?

        • Frances Perkins says:

          I’d explain it to you if I had the first inkling that you were sincere rather than merely seeking an endless argument.  Did you graduate from the Karl Rove Academy perhaps?  That’s one of the tactics he taught:  make some outrageous comment certain to draw an irate response, then step back and act as innocent as the driven snow.  Afterward, if possible, keep the target audience strung along with counter-attacks peppered with false claims of abuse.  In other words, Stir The Pot 101.

          Here’s a little poem on bipartisanship written by a friend of mine.  I want to share it with you before officially disengaging from what promises to be a relative waste of my time:

          “The election is over.  The talking is done.
          Your party lost;  My party won.
          So let us be friends and let arguments pass.
          I’ll hug your elephant,  If you kiss my ass.” 

          • LJR says:

            My ” party ” didn’t lose, because I don’t belong to any party; I’ll say it again: I vote for the person.  You accuse me of having an ” air, ” when it’s really you who has an air, and the air is arrogance. You are easy to read: ” A lifelong Democrat” = a concluded person to me. I listen to everyone ( even Allen West ), whether I agree with them or not, I ponder everything that I can get my hands on, but I know that that’s difficult for a ” Lifelong Democrat,”‘ Republican, or whatever to grasp, and I agree with you: It would be a terrible waste of heartbeats to continue a conversation with you any longer….so, good riddance…..nice poem.

  4. Info says:

    Frances Perkins you are one of those socialist douche bags that are becoming the majority of this country. I bet on Sunday morning’s you like to get together and hold Obama worship service.

    • Frances Perkins says:

      Do you sit up nights terrified about what we’re going to do to “your” country?  Good!  Crawl back under the bed and stay there, because child, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  We don’t need or even want your permission either, because it’s our country too, and we intend to fix what you’ve spent years ruining.  So SCAT!  It tickles me when the pitchfork crowd squawks, because it only means they know the sands of time are running out on them.  The louder they scream and fuss in helpless rage, the better it means we’re doing our job.  BTW, like LJR you should know I limit my replies to just a few per squawker.  No time for more.  Hahahahahahaha… etc.

      • LJR says:

                      Very soon now, you and your ” crowd ” are going to drown in your own garbage; you have taken the race card to another city; you have no concept of evolution ( this is your downfall ), and your vanity and arrogance are astounding!!! You actually believe  that you’re  the only ones with ideals….hahaha to you too! Oh, did I write to you again?…….OH NO!!….won’t do it no more………RIDDANCE!

      • Color-me-JC says:

        Dear Frances,  I’m on the winning side,  the side that knows “in the twinkling of an eye…”. There is a sad, truly emptiness coming from your words. You feel a boost of happiness at times but then the realization hits you again of  not being totally whole inside. No elected official, no money, no education, no friends can give you what you really long for inside. I can hear it, see it in your writing, in your attitude . When you totally and truly give up of yourself and invite Jesus to be the King of your life, you will be made whole, and everything you know will be clear. I used to be like  you, talked like you, thought like you, wow what an explosion of my senses, my thoughts, my ideas, Jesus is truly the answer, and in him there is no race! God Bless you Frances!

        • Frances Perkins says:

          Oh goody, the reply button worked this time.  For my first reply, dear, you’ll need to scroll way up higher.  But I thought I’d take the opportunity now to comment on your imaginary powers of devination.  You’ll have to wash the cobwebs from your own eyes before you can even begin to see me at all, much less into my heart and soul as you claim.  I love it when people smart off at me, “But do you really know Him PERSONALLY?”  Then I get to reply, hand cupping my ear, “Yep.  I hear Him loud and clear right now, telling me not to go upside your head for such a damnfool question!”  BTW, Jesus is not only the original socialist, he’s also still Jewish.  Always was, always will be.  And (forgive me a slight partisan joke) He did not ride into Jerusalem on an elephant.

        • Frances Perkins says:

          No, for my original first reply you’ll need to scroll down the page about 7 comments farther.  We must have a gremlin – no telling where THIS one will go.  But it won’t hurt you to look.  While I’m at it, why don’t you choose a slightly less sacriligeous username?

  5. drdubs says:

    Ending 200+ years of a great idea…….not to be realized

  6. Debbie Beard says:

    when you still have to use race to describe someone.. youre not ending it.. you are perpetuating it. 

  7. American_Race says:

    Marcus, please enlighten me: what is “it”?

    • Frances Perkins says:

      Marcus does leave his intention rather ambiguous, doesn’t he?  He might not have the guts to come right out and say what he means in front of God and everybody (including the FBI); I’ve usually found such people in possession of too few marbles to make a full game anyway.  Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s making some sort of threat.  Sounds like it.  Come out, come out, Marcus… wherever you are.  Say what you mean and mean what you say like a brave little boy.

  8. Caron says:

    So because we have a black President, racism has ended??? whew am I relieved! Guess we don’t need any more discussion on this board everyone stop talking about race its been officially declared that everyone is cool with everyone else and we are going to stop judging eachother and sing “Kumbaya, my Lord” everyday at 420pm everyday.

  9. Frances Perkins says:

    Unfortunately the reply button is on the fritz right now, so I’ll have to reply to dear “Color-me-JC” right here.  Hope you see it, darling, because you need to hear this:  Your are NOT Jesus Himself, and as appealing as the idea might sound, you don’t speak for Him either.  I’d rather follow Him than you or any other human who sees himself as the Right Hand of God.  Besides, JESUS IS THE ORIGINAL SOCIALIST.  Sorry to disappoint all you folks who want to beat me over the head with your bibles.  Bibliolatry is as great a sin as self worship.  You try to set yourself up as judge and jury over me, thinking you hold the very keys to the kingdom when you don’t even have the keys to the washroom.  And yes, I’m quite happy and likely to remain so, knowing as I do that you and the very gates of hell together cannot come between my Redeemer and me.

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