“Affirmative Action” = Government Code Word for Anti-white

David Dearth
Huntington Beach, CA

After sending over 150 proposals to the Small Business Administration of the Federal Government…. didn’t receive even a single reply. In a telephone call to the SBA, I was told by a government official the he could tell that I sounded “White” and I probably will never get any contracts through the SBA. The government official (under the Clinton Administration) said the SBA is only set up to give government contracts to minorities. He suggested I hire someone with an Asian name because they are having trouble finding qualified Asians for engineering design & analysis.

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5 Responses to "“Affirmative Action” = Government Code Word for Anti-white"
  1. Treehuggin' Cowgirl says:

    This experience doesn’t really make sense. The Small Business Administration provides assistance to small businesses in writing proposals to contract. It rarely awards them. There are some advantages for minority and women-owned businesses in government contracting, but there’s no advantage for hiring someone of a specific ethnicity for a job. Being an equal opportunity employer is a requirement for government contracting. Either you didn’t understand the process well enough to put together a decent bid or this is largely fabricated. The government contracting process is complex, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume the former.

  2. Aaron says:

    Now multiply that feeling by 1000 then extended throughout your whole family for generations then add everything you know about discrimination racism hatred slavery. Now welcome to my world

    • Adrienne Fawkes says:

      Why when slaver is brought up whites are quick to say they never owned slaves? Do you have to own slaves to benefit from the racial caste system it created?

  3. Kevin says:

    It’s a convenient rationale whites generally claim when they aren’t qualified for something. If Affirmative Action was anti-white, then why are mostly white folks employed by most American businesses and by most local, state, and federal governments? The card’s author employs logic that’s only sound in never-never land and I bet they believe the oft-repeated refrain that most American blacks are in prison because they commit most of the crimes. If that were true, then statistically speaking, African Americans would need to start committing criminal acts the very moment they’re conceived!

  4. Abe Allen says:

    David, I see things the same way. The government only encourages minorities and by default creates a big hurdle for non-minorities.

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