Affirmative Action is racism too!

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One Response to "Affirmative Action is racism too!"
  1. Matthew Lieff says:

    Technically true, BUT it is racism in support of ultimately eliminating racism — a moral goal — as opposed to original, garden-variety, vanilla racism, as practiced in this country for 500 years, which was aimed at PROFIT — nothing else. Consider this: Between 1820 and 1860, COTTON was the number one export commodity, accounting for the vast majority of foreign trade, of the USA. And the USA supplied MOST of the COTTON in the world. And COTTON was the OIL of its era — the engine of the world economy — the fuel for the industrial revolution. COTTON PROFITS were funnelled north by the Southern planters who invested in Northern manufacturing and bought northen goods. WITHOUT COTTON the USA would never have become a world power. And guess what? It was all STOLEN! The labor required was not paid for! Now no-one alive today is guilty of the crimes committed by the GREAT AMERICAN SLAVE POWER in the name of PROFIT … But all who BENEFITED from the profits made thereby — all who succeeded in the economy it created and made possible — are RESPONSIBLE for it as ACCESSORIES AFTER THE FACT. So MAN UP and accept your responsibility and STOP WHINING! My rule of thumb is: Unless it was LEGAL in THESE UNITED STATES to BUY and SELL your ancestors, you have no business lecturing anyone about affirmative action. That’s my story and I’m STICKING TO IT!

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