African american boys like my booty

assorted-2013-010Wendy Stokesbary
Cedar Rapids, IA

I went to middle school with lots of African american students and noticed the boys seemed to admire my curvy figure- I was flattered, not frightened, because no one ever tried to hurt me. I grew up with a curiosity and respect for diversity, and partly because of my professional training (mental health) I understood individual differences are more accurate than stereotypes. My town now has many inner city Chicago transplants who model a culture of baggy pants, drug use, violence, shootings. They saunter in the middle of the street taunting you driving by and this seems to perpetuate the stereotypes and hatred. My social scientist perspective tells me that their culture is just as familiar and comfortable to them as is mine, but I have to wonder how the aggression and hostility serves them in the end? We have many positive and pro-social role models of all races that I wish could make more impact on the disenfranchised racial minority youth.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …you could have left out the booty comment. But you comment about aggression and hostility seems over exaggerated. If you are talking about “A” type, who wears baggy pants and is always? hostile and aggressive?…no White young boys and men like that?..only African American? I live in Upstste N.Y. and depending on the day, you see just as many White and Hispanic men and boys who fit that description. The White males are mirroring the mannerism of the African Americans who are in their same social / income or no income class.

    …Eminem and Vanilla Ice have something to do with that…they’re the grand daddys of the White Hip Hop / Rap Street Image. A quick look at past (decades) and recent History should explain the aggression and hostility…with your back ground, that can’t be to hard. Pain or frustration is never self serving…ask “SUBURBAN MURDER’IN LITTLE JOEY”…IFHE DIDN’T BLOW HIS HEAD OFF YET!…

    …sorry, you can’t be of too much help, you’re too concerned about whether or not the thugs ( who you don’t understand ) see your booty!

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