“African-American descendant of Nathan Bedford Forrest”

1416432599549.1David Forde,
Kansas City, MO.

Reconciled this after a long while.

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  • Jim Zeirke

    I’m a nut on the Civil War. I’ve read tons of books, studied soldiers’ letters, and even did some reenacting as a Virginian Confederate (my mom’s side was from Virginia, dirt poor, and fought for the South). There is a lot to like about Nathan Bedford Forrest. He was an uneducated military genius, a self-made man born into devasting poverty. Yes, he did some really bad things. But like most folks he was multi-faceted with lots and lots of good and lots and lots of bad. If you haven’t already, read Brian Steel Wills’ book “A Battle From The Start”. It’s a great accounting of the life of the man.


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