African-Americans are more racist


93%-95% of African-Americans voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. Is it a coincidence that Obama is African-American? African-Americans can call each other “n*****” and freak out when white people use the word in a non-insulting way. They call white people crackers and they don’t care. If someone commits a crime towards an African-American person, it must be a hate crime! Police are supposedly racist? Is it a coincidence that most crimes seem to be commited by African-Americans? African-Americans are making the big deal out of racism but don’t realize that racism only exists because people continue to acknowledge it and African-Americans make big deals out of it. Kids aren’t born racist. They are brought into a racist world. The people trying to prevent racism cause it.

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4 Responses to "African-Americans are more racist"
  1. PNUT1 says:

    Over 90% of African Americans voted for Bill Clinton as well. Is that racist too ?
    I really hope that you are a young man Corey, you have a lot of learning to do.

  2. ExoticWaves says:

    Not all black people condone the use of the n**** word, and in New York hispanics, asians, and even some whites call each other n*****.

    And to the key point of your article: You say blacks don’t realize that racism only exists because people continue to acknowledge it and African-Americans make big deals out of it.” What kind of drugs are you on? There are tall professional black Caribbean and African men with dark chocolate skin tones that didn’t grow up in America, never committed any crime, make six figures a year, but report that when they walk down the streets of cities like New York, DC, San Francisco, New Orleans, they see the fearful body language of white women who sometimes clutch their purses tighter, or they witness white men hiding their wallets. Why else would these white people do this if they weren’t in fear of their personal safety?

    And where does this fear of their personal safety come from?? It’s a belief that has nothing to do with any one individual black man. The belief comes from white’s opinions of what black masculinity represents on a generic basis…but too many whites can’t or won’ think objectively about random black men on the street. Racism exists whether or not blacks talk about it because much of the reason for racism in the first place comes from flawed beliefs and flawed mental models, which tend to be (but aren’t always) sub-conscious. People who hold negative beliefs of black males (for whatever reason) will tend to behave more negatively toward them than they would behave toward someone that they don’t have negative beliefs/emotions toward. America is racist because there exists many millions more whites than blacks and a certain percentage of the white population hold negative beliefs of blacks whether at a conscious or unconscious level. If whites were the minority and blacks held negative beliefs of whites, and many (but not all blacks) treated whites negatively, whites would complain about America being racist.

  3. ExoticWaves says:

    “Is it a coincidence that most crimes seem to be commited by African-Americans?” I hope you know there’s a difference between something that “seems” to be true, and actual cold hard FACT. What source of information do you cite to to support your claim that most crime is committed by blacks? Most white murder in the USA (north of 80%) is perpetrated by a white offender. So besides the murder of whites where blacks don’t dominate (aka make up the majority), what other crimes does your information source state taht blacks dominate nationwide?

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