Africans; unite, mobilise, prosper and LEAVE!!

Mike Cruickshank,

As an an Afro person, I feel that the dominant society (people who call themselves White) have subtle and blatant ways to say “You are other”.
Perfect example… These things called micro-agressions are the new way to say ” this is the society. You will always be outsiders, tolerated only”. When it was blatant (segregation), it meant that we HAD to work together as Afro people to prosper. Now that the myth of integration is sold, the achievers move into the dominant society and are swallowed. I am the living example. I love my wife (classified as white), but my Afro culture will be erased in 2 or 3 generations; I’ll be an old faded picture that my children and grandchildren will discuss…

This project is a brilliant way to open the debate properly; maybe people can face the reality of “race relations” in the world.

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