Why is is always about race?

Ocean City, NJ

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4 Responses to "Why is is always about race?"
  1. It?… it was always about race, since the formation of our nation. We can try and wish it away, or pretend that we now a color-blind society, but the stain is always there. It’s only about race, when we refuse to talk about it. – It is always about race when we seek out forums, such as this that are discussing it, while we have hundreds of other websites to choose from. We were suppose to have a national discussion on race, when Imus made the infamous nappy-headed ho comment. The topic of race was nowhere to be found when New Yorkers were excaping with their lives from the crumbling Twin Towers. Those that did survive came out looking all the same… covered in gray dust. Race was non-existant when we all flew the American Flag readying for war in Bagdad, and killing 600.000 Iraquis. – However the racial quickly issue resurfaced when Barrack Obama was elected President of these United States. Race was definetly an issue when it came to reparations for negro freedman. – This “it” that you speak of was never resolved.

  2. njbj says:

    It’s not always about race, but the places where other focuses predominate are usually in older cultures, such as Europe. The US culture is so young, we’re still “growing up”, which includes forming our “personality” as a country. We sought to create a hierarchy here which mirrored that of the European class structure, but was different to reflect what the escaping Europeans were fleeing. Thus race became the defining characteristic instead of money or inherited social position. As the “teenagers” of the world, our country, like all teenagers, is a know-it-all, and we suffer through growing pains.
    Just my $.02

  3. FransSusan says:

    A better question is “Why is the white race continuously blamed for everything about race?” Most whites didn’t own slaves, didn’t make “Jim Crow laws,” didn’t hate anyone, & struggled to survive throughout history. A corrupt government has fomented this race crap and whites have been the losers.

  4. olblue9 says:

    I believe that if a white person had a choice; they would rather be born into a wealthy black family than into a white family living in poverty. The same is true if a black person had a choice. The subject is more about green than any other color. We all may have our opinions about other races, but other peoples opinions are worth less if we have a little jack.

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