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  • Shannon Hayden

    i admit i don’t trust most black guys.because one minute they are ok and the minute they freak out and cuss people out when people say no to’s like they are bi polar or something.if a white guy acted like that i’d be in fear of him to.but it’s mostly black males i have seen act crazy when they don’t get their way. .

    • MSneider57

      agree, black men are out of control.

      • Dion Scott

        Men period are out of control has nothing to do with race, but since you injected race into the situation, look at the history of what black men have went through in regards to police brutaility, and lynchings. Must we keep playing childish games of lets forget our history. Oh yah lets forget how we have tortured, degraded, abused, and villified black men for hundreds of years in this country, and it continues to this day. As long as asian, latino, and white men are out of control, black men will be just as out of control. The world is full of chaos period!

        • Scott James

          Lyinchings almost always followed a white person getting murdered or raped. They did not happen for no reason. The 1930’s was the decade with the most lynchings in the USA with almost 1000. In that same decade blacks were convicted of killing 12,000 white people and raping over 25,000 white women. Cry me a river.

          Asian and white men commit no where near as much crime as blacks and mestizos. Tribal societies were violent and blacks and mestizos are not very far removed from tribalism.

          • TheWhiteGuyLogic

            The world, low and behold the white race mindset.

            Irrational, unreasonable and beyond all understanding.

            No wondering they are now murdering a bunch of Muslims calling it ‘freedom’.

          • Scott James

            Your comment is pathetic. When will you morons realize that name calling no longer works.

            What I wrote is the truth. Only a complete moron would believe the truth “irrational, unreasonable, and beyond all understanding.

            As far as bombing Muslims goes you should blame the jews that are controlling the US gov’t using their control of media and the money from debt creation scam.

            I do not know a single white nationalist that approves of killing Arabs for the jews.

            Again you are pathetic and too stupid to see that you need to come up with sound critical arguments if you want to convince people your ideas have merit. Your simple name calling will never work again.

          • Mehki_Girl

            Oh god, the Jews control everything trope.

            You know, as opposed to whites wanting to conrol everything.

            Yet for some bizzare reason we’ve never had a Jewish president. Seems they would have made that shite happen. Seeing as how they control everything.


          • Moxie Girl

            Whites don’t want to control everything. lol Jews do control a lot because they are intelligent hard working people, unlike the ignorant African Americans. Africans are the dumbest people on the planet, incapable of taking care of themselves, you can’t blame white folks for their ignorance.

          • Mehki_Girl

            I agee about Jews, that why whites are so jealous and hate them. I have three college degrees, have always had a job, probably make way more than you, and own two homes. And I WORKED for it. Try again.

          • Moxie Girl

            LOL you are wrong. And I own more homes than you. I am at 8 homes and I own two business buildings that I lease. ;) If you count the homes I have bought for others it would be more but I don’t own them anymore, I gave them as gifts to family members. America has been very good to me. ;) It’s not whites who don’t like Jews, Jews are white! lol Are you sure you have been to college. I too hold three degree’s, my last one being my PhD. It’s black folks who don’t like Jews today. lol Although I am black I am not one of the blacks that feel this way, I don’t have a problem with the race of anyone, however I don’t care for ignorant people. ;)

          • Moxie Girl

            For someone with 3 college degrees I would think you could write better than you do. ‘that why whites’ lol Whites are not jealous of anyone, they are very successful and want everyone to be successful, American whites rescued the Jews from Hitler, they love the Jews, many of them are here and very successful because in America anyone can be..

          • Mehki_Girl

            I’m notwriting a college paper nor a college thesis. And I’m certainly not trying to impress the likes of you. But I can right a mean business letter in standard Business English. Not concerned with how I write on the internet.

          • Moxie Girl

            I am curious to your occupation and what you do earn, care to share? I became a real-estate agent at 19 to support myself during college. I had earned a full ride aims academic scholarship in high school, 6 yrs. but that didn’t cover living expenses or all of law school. I was able to buy my first house when I was 20, paid for it in cash. There is a lot of money to be made in real- estate especially if you are selling high end homes. I made over $200,000 grand on the first house I sold. I have a JD, MBA and a PhD. What are your degree’s and do you live in America? I’ve been all over the world, I also own a house in London and a small gaff in Ireland that is attached to a pub. lol I’ve been to Africa, Germany, Ireland, well all over the UK really, Netherlands, France, Italy. Do you travel as well? So are you Jewish, American or black like me? I think I have already mentioned I am African American, I prefer the term black American. I don’t know why but I am hoping you are black, well and I do know why, I rarely get to chat with other successful African Americans because there are so few of us.

          • Mehki_Girl

            You are not black and not because of your supposedly success. Its because of that last line.

          • Armond

            congrates on your election…as President for Life…of the Flat Earth Society

            next onto…getting that stupid sun…to rotate around the earth…along with the stars and the whole galaxy

          • Moxie Girl

            While black folks at home are murdering white folks, even little babies. No better than ISIS.

          • Armond

            either you forgot how to read after you googled the history of lynching in America…or you choose to out and out lie…simply to get your own way…shame…and un-American as well
            so sad for you…but much more concerned…with those who believe your words…and then fail to check the facts themselves
            but then to you…the 1963 bombing of the Birmingham Baptist Church…the 50 bombing of black homes…businesses…and churches…in 20 years in that city alone…which killed 4 little girls…was all because some black man raped a white women…or was it because they failed to keep their heads bowed…as they passed a white person on the public sidewalk
            yet everywhere else in the world…the act was called white racist terrorism…just as lynching was rightly called
            seems even congress in 1871…passed a law…condemning lynching for what it was…terrorism against black Americans…to deny their civil rights as citizens of this country

          • Moxie Girl

            Try leaving the past and step into the present.

          • Armond

            “you can lynch them…but they’ll never sign with us”
            seems 450 years of old bad habits from the past…are hard to break and not bring those thoughts…into the present

          • Mehki_Girl

            Yeah because trumped up charges and white jury nullification had nothing to do with it. You could be falsely accussed of anything with no hope of any truth being revealed

            So its okay for whites to take law into their hands and hang people from a tree.

            How barbaric and violent.

            Get your head out of your azz.

          • Moxie Girl

            And how in the past, step into the future and stop being so damn ignorant.

          • Moxie Girl

            stop living in the past and step into the future. Black people are barbaric, violent and ignorant, you got that part right.

          • snoopy28

            Bulllshiitt outloud

    • Armond

      Shannon…think this speaks more to your choice in men…than it does to the possibility…of all black men…being bi-polar…because you won’t give them some

    • Aulin

      Maggot in a shirt. Yeah, you guys don’t kill your entire families and murder your classrooms because you’re all the mental illnesses in one package, you sack of worms

      • Moxie Girl

        You are talking about black folks right? Because it’s a fact, it is African Americans who kill the most family members, it’s African Americans who kill the most period. We hold the number 1 spot for it with the exception of drunk driving. Probably because nigga’s are too poor to all own cars.

        • Mehki_Girl

          Shoot up any schools lately?

  • Kevin

    I’m a black man; and when approached by a group of black teen males on my late-evening walks with my wife, I get trepidatious. But funny enough, when a group of white teen males walks toward me at a similar time of night, I get the *exact* same feeling. So, its not really race that has earned the reputation, rather a rowdy group of teenage males. Similarly, this 6-word phrase would work equally as well with any race inserted instead of “black.” Or perhaps just removing the race tag all together. Angry men are scary.
    The little boy I adopted (a white young man) was afraid of big men (white men incidentally) not because they are scary, rather that his experience with his father was abusive. Perhaps anger is the problem, not race?

    • Moxie Girl

      It’s not the color of one’s skin, more to do with culture, experiences, etc. so I would agree with you. And we have a big problem in this country with people who don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions, it’s easier to blame someone else. We have to do a better job with children, regardless of the color of their skin. Children don’t care about color until they are taught to hate for whatever reason.

  • Ribbit

    I just don’t understand what’s so foreign to them about returning a, “Howya doin?” or a friendly, “Hey, what’s up?” Whenever I say this to them they just get this blank, vaguely hostile, confused look on their faces and never show the slightest interest in returning the greeting …or being civil. I don’t get it.

    I’m white, btw.

    • White Light

      In the few cases where Whites act this way, they call it “hatred.”

      • Bill

        You two in particular might be racist (White Light you are). I have white friends, colleagues, etc despite negative interactions with some people who happened to be white – I am not white and grew up in a white neighborhood. My mother always forced us to say hello to neighbors, hold doors, etc. Most of them didn’t say hello back to me, even as a child. It hasn’t changed now, I say hello they keep their mouths shut or say hello to someone else in the hallway or even try to close the door on me when I come in behind them. Either way, I won’t use these people or you two to make an excuse to create generalizations about a whole race of people – my issue is with the people in my building not an entire race of people. Because of that I have friends of all races. Ribbit you should try the same unless you are really looking for an excuse.

        • BlessPapaBenny

          Your anti-Whitism is showing Bill.

        • John

          Bill, you are the minority. Most are douchebags. Kudos to you.

        • Justin_Igger

          It is not racist to hate ni66ers. It comes naturally. That’s why all races hate ni66ers, not just Whites.
          The more you know.

    • TheWhiteGuyLogic

      Well, based on white history, you can hardly blame them for not trusting you.

      • Scott James

        Have you ever thought logically about the white history you claim is so bad? Jews and Arabs kept blacks as slaves for 3000 years. Whites for 200 years and then whites ended the African slave trade. How come whites are blamed for something we ended?

        White people have done more to help people not like us than all the rest of humanity combined times 10. All we get for our trouble is hated.

        Stone age people were displaced all over the world. Only whites gave the primitive people we displaced places to keep their culture alive. Non whites killed the men and assimilated the rest sending their cultures down the memory hole. Whites are blamed for “genocide” of the stone age people even though their cultures are alive and kicking. There are over 3000 tribes in the USA alone so charges of genocide are laughable.

        Only white nations allow the rest of the world to immigrate into their nations. All non white nations have laws ensuring that their nations stay ethnically homogenous.

        The accusations of white racism are lies. Most of what is considered racist from whites was really just self defense. Now that whites have stopped the so called racist self defense we are crime victims of non whites in giant numbers.

        The white awakening is upon you and you believe that the old name calling calling is still going to work.

        You are a fool.

        • Armond

          please…just for your personal education…google and read about America’s slavery of blacks…and how American slavery was different…then most other slavery in the world
          until that time

          then read of the black American experience in America…and tell us again…that white racism is a lie

          and if you can do all that…and still hold the position you do as outlined above…then there are those who oppose current holocaust history…who would like for you to join their cause

  • olblue9

    I have witnessed this with “black” and “white” people mostly in urban situations, which leads me to believe it is a “learned natural self defense” behavior of the jungle. Depending on the situation, any person can be seen as aggressive.

  • Blu Soulstn

    The first person to own a slave in the United States was a black man…have a nice day

    • Brutus

      Was that slave white?… See you in a minute.

    • Bridge Harrison

      I’m so sick of this rationale.
      1st and foremost I’d certainly love some documentation of this “fact”. I’m certainly not believing Christopher Columbus brought over any black man of free will to America.

      2ndly, yes there were black slave owners in Africa. These slaves were prisoners of war. They weren’t based on the idea that because of their skin color they were only fit to be inferior slaves.

      • Armond

        historical records show that on the first trip to America…one of Columbus’ navigators was black…this should not be a surprise…as many Atlantic sailors of the time in Spain…Portugal…and Italy…were at least part black as well

        and given the racial makeup of Italy and Spain of his day…Columbus was surely part black and Jewish as well

      • patrioticvigilantie

        Look into the history of liberia,

      • Moxie Girl

        Slavery was not a black and white issue. Slavery was an issue of ignorance, people evolve. Slavery still exists in some parts of Africa today. Africans started slavery and the white man has done a lot to try and end it. Actually no country in the world has done as much as America for civil rights. Thomas Sowell has more than 2 dozen books out, one of which I know addresses slavery. Thomas Sowell is a brilliant African American, one of the brightest of our time. He has taught in several colleges and now works at the Hover institution.

    • TheWhiteGuyLogic

      Whites are basically overgrown children “he did it first” or “he did it too”. That’s what an 8 year old says.

      Silly Caucasoids.

      • patrioticvigilantie

        So is name calling

      • Moxie Girl

        lmao, no that is what none white people do. So many are so jealous of Americans and all that they have done and continue to do. Dumb Negroids. lol

        • Mehki_Girl

          Only white people take the time to create these sites.

          There are no hate sites created by black people or any other racial groups that I can think of that is devoted to groups hating on other groups. White people, completely obsessed with black people, create these stupid websites.

          Here’s a tip – stop worrying about black people. What you need to do is start learning Mardarin, Chinese, and Arabic. Rich as all get out, Chinese own half the real estate in Manhattan. They buy condos none of you could ever hope to afford for their three-year-olds so they’ll have a place to stay when they come here far into the future and attend some prestigious ivy league college.

          Find something else to do white people. The Hispanic population is increasiing. Indian Asians are taking over Silicon Valley, and the Chinese are in college sucking up all the degrees.

          White people…master race my eye. Always and constantly reassuring themselves that they are superior. You either are or you’re not. You don’t need to constantly talk about it and reassure yourselves, unless secretly deep down inside… Any psych major knows that bullies, people who put down others, do it because they are insecure and need to elevate themselves.

          No other race on this planet spends so much damn time on this BS. The most afraid, insecure bunch of people I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing.
          Whites live in constant fear, as they should, as they have pissed off just about every other group on this planet. Why, I’ve read government documents by high ranking military personnel during the WWII, wondering why black people hadn’t just risen and slaughtered themselves. Insecure, insecure, insecure. The entire document was on how inferior black soldiers were and reassuring themselves that a white soldier is better somehow. Rrriiiighhhhtttt. Frankly, its embarrassiing and downright depressiing.

          Get off this website and look behind you because a whole lot of people are overtaking you. I saw the graduating class of a coworker who’s daughter (white) had earned a doctoral degree at Harvard. Nothing but Asians as far as the eye can see. Did she marry some pathetic obsessed with penis size and with black people white man? Hell no. She married one of highly educated Asian classmates.

          The world has changed, its evolved and American white peope are still stuck in the past. Damn I wish I would live forever so I could be here to see the ‘it when it goes down. And not some dumbass race war. Get your head out of assess.

          When the Muslims hit the towers, black people got a brief reprieve while you focused your attention elsewhere, although there were a few Aisan Indians that caught hell because most Americans can’t find a continent or any particular country on a map…or speak another language for that matter.

          I find all this hilarious.

          Anyway, I’ve poked the bear enough.

          (((snicker))) The last time I was on Stormfront, all the white boys were having an intense intellectual conversation about the penis size of Asian Indian men.
          Damn, I can’t even type any more of this..

          Carry on, white people.

    • Armond

      the first person found guilty of cannibalism in the US was a white man…so now what is your point

      the first person found guilty of murder in the US was a white man…so now what is your point

      the first mass murder in the US was a white man…so now what is your point

      and the first African slaves…or rather 7 year indentured servants…because they were baptized Christians who by English law could not be made slaves…arrived in Jamestown…in 1619

      • Moxie Girl

        I would hope so since America is a WHITE country, built by whites and ran by whites! lol They still eat people in Africa, what’s your point? lol

        • Armond

          you made my point…thanks

          1% of all Federal Prisoners…are responsible for 20% of the murders in Federal Prisons

          does this mean…white people are murderous beyond their percentage of population…by a whopping factor of at least 20

          why this need…for this 1%…to kill like wild animals

  • Marcos Villega

    This is why every law abider should C&C firearm. With the gang problems on the rise, surely many Trayvon x10 situations will be unavoidable. Black local gangs are killing, cutting off ears, tongues and gouging eyes out from relatives or anyone’s relatives accused of ratting.

    • Armond

      did you miss something…like common sense

      but then Marcos…there are few latinos on the face of this earth…who don’t owe a good deal of their DNA…to their black relatives

  • SCW

    I think what happens is when a black man acts to stereotype we remember that. There a literally thousands of black men going to college or work every day minding their own business. They pass through life invisibly because they are ordinary. I also think that young men of all races have learned that they can intimidate with anger. There is no longer any social push back against their anti-social behavior for a variety of reasons. Fear being number one. For reasons I cannot explain the risk of being disliked or punished is no longer enough to convince young men to behave in a socially acceptable manner.

    • ShepardBooki

      As a young woman in a college that prides itself on being racially diverse, I can say that my experience has definitely reflected this. The young men in my classes, not all of them of course but a great majority, use loud voices and intimidating postures to get their opinions heard and to shut up others. Race is of no consequence, yes young Black men have used their anger as a tool to intimidate, but the White and Latino boys do it in similar numbers *I have not had a class with any young men of Asian heritage*. I have noticed that they do this more to women than to men. It is as if they have been taught that intimidating women is the proper way of starting communication, that women won’t respond to you otherwise. Also against much older men, as though behaving in a commiserate manner to what authority figures expect somehow diminishes their worth.

      • Scott James

        You are delusional. Black men use violence to solve their problems way more than white men. This is a fact that can be proved very easily. The FBI counts Mestizos as white so white crime numbers are artificially inflated and still way below that of blacks.

        Your anecdotal evidence means nothing against the hard numbers proving your ideas false.

        • Armond

          who told you that…when the category clearly says…”white non-Hispanic”
          and did you know…a white man teaching a black child to read and write…back in the day…would receive a reprimand or small fine…but no crime
          a black person doing the same…7 years of state mandated servitude…and deemed a criminal for life
          a black man walking the street with no money in his pocket…was a vagrant…calling for months in prison…at what they called…slave labor
          and those who denied free American citizens of their constitutional rights for 100 years…not criminal…but just good old boys

      • Armond

        thank you…with great descriptions of behavior as well

    • Justin_Igger

      For every one ni66er doing the right thing, there’s a thousand or more being a ni66er.

  • Lashawn Williams

    Well there are good Blacks like me and bad apple negroes. My Polish boyfriend and I were holding hands in the mall yesterday when four black girls laughed at us and said, “hey, peckerwood pokieman.” Black women are disgusting, abhorrent creatures.

    • victorbradley

      I could see why looking in the mirror YOU would get that impression. But I assure you, it is inaccurate to generalize from your own disgusting abhorrent nature.

      • Justin_Igger

        He is absolutely correct, though. Negro females are some atrocious, hideous beasts.

      • John Novak

        And I’m sure that YOU never judge ANYONE, victorbradley. You are better than Lashawn HOW exactly???? You can disagree with someone without calling them “abhorrent”.

        • victorbradley

          When someone calls my mother, my sisters and my grandmothers “disgusting abhorrent creatures” I’ll refer to them as whatsoever I damn well please.

        • TheWhiteGuyLogic

          Because she made the disgusting comment you idiot.

    • Armond

      glad you have a polish boyfriend…and glad you missed the day…that the two of you holding hands…would have gotten you beaten…not him…for race mixing…and breaking State law…in many places in the United States

      Read Loving vs. Virginia…a case decided before the Supreme Court in 1967…finally ended all bans in this country…on interracial marriage and cohabitation

      In a 1958 Gallup Poll…96% of white Americans…opposed all interracial relationships

      so before you point fingers…educate yourself…it will go a long way…to help you over come…your apparent deep self hate

  • Ryan Crippen

    ‘White Girl Bleed A Lot': The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It
    By Colin Flaherty
    ISBN-13: 978-1938067068

  • Justin_Igger

    Have a gun, reach for it if you ever come across a negro. You never know when you’re going to have to shoot one of the unevolved apes.

  • Benjamin Lomax

    why don;t I have the right to be angry….? and why would YOU be a fried if i was? what is in your heart… that you should be afraid?

  • Benjamin Lomax

    why don’t i have the right to be angry? can you tell tell me why i should not be angry? why dose it make you angry that i’m angry? and and what is in your heart that you are afraid of my anger? the educated i become the more i understand what was done, what is being done, and what will be attempted in the future…. its really not me you should be afraid of its you self…. From angry Black Guy… to an unrepentant white socity

  • Benjamin Lomax

    why don’t i have the right to be angry? can you tell me why i should not be angry? why dose it make you angry that i’m angry? and what is in your heart that you are afraid of my anger? the more educated i become the more i understand what was done, what is being done, and what will be attempted in the future…. its really not me you should be afraid of its your self…. From angry Black Guy… to an unrepentant white society.

    • Scott James

      We don’t care that you are angry. We just want you to stop killing whites and raping white women. Oh and you can stop ripping us off too. If you do these things you can be angry to your hearts content. You can even keep believing the fantasy that whites treat you badly. Just don’t expect us to care.

      • Armond

        last time I look…the 2008 Economic Collapse which zapped 20% of American wealth…was a crime of white bankers

        the 1980’s saving and loan collapse…sorry…white bankers again

        the great depression…oh man…sorry again…but white people playing the market…did it again

        so let’s talk thief and crime…my brother

        and let’s not even discuss…the only group of people every found guilty of mass civil rights violations…my bad…white people again

        and if we just look at the 2008 bank collapse…that was the thief of the money of nearly 400 million Americans

        400 million crimes…that will not be recorded in that years crime status…listed under the column…of white “non-Hispanic”

        and that right there…is more than enough white crime…to last for a lifetime

  • Actual Black Man


  • Oscar

    the truth is that, it’s people that black guys act that way, whenever people see us, even without knowing who we really are they start to act scared and thats what really pisses us off

    • John Novak

      You think all us white folks are such scared little wimps.

      • TheWhiteGuyLogic

        Unless you’re in a group…

        • Scott James

          You have it backwards. You tribal people need the group. Whites are individualists. You are so confused. Nothing you believe is logical.

          • victorbradley

            White’s are the most “tribal” people on earth, you exploited the world based on your tribalism, and now you attack people with drones based on tribalism.

  • Becky

    This post upsets me, especially the last sentence. It’s statements like these that perpetuate racism. Anybody has the potential to be a threat…race, gender, etc. aside. And those more likely to be a threat are so because of reasons other than their race. An individual’s proneness for violence could be related to being abused as a child, being homeless, being in the foster care system, being apart of a troubled peer group, or something else entirely.

  • TheWhiteGuyLogic

    So how’s a racist post like this get accepted?

    Oh, the site owner is white.

    • Armond

      truth…maybe the guy…wants to expose this type of caveman thinking

      Dr. E. Forrest Frazier in 1927…called it the greatest obstacle to full civil rights for black Americans…white pathological hatred of black American citizens

      • patrioticvigilantie

        While i do agree there are a holes here, from both sides,
        But i also see the majority seem to be reasonable and frustrated, from name calling, to blaming people for their own actions,
        But ive also noticed, that the ghetto mentality, of many blacks and rednecks of whites are both corrosive to our country well being. The current administration is not helping, with their involvements.
        As for the immoral acts of the past, there were much worse, my people were not slaves, of the whiteman, my own people did this to our selves. But they did starve and hunt us down. I dont blame the white man of the past. I thank them what they brought my people

        • Armond

          then explain…why studies show…a person with a white sounding name…and a prison record…is 4 times more likely to be called into a job interview…than a man with a black sounding name…and no prison record

          as to the impacts of poverty…over many generations…remember…the initial slide is not always in the control of the people effected

          and the road up…by current statistics…is only 10% will make it…each generation a family remains in poverty

          as with every other part of America…when trouble hits…the nation invests…in the better future

          as for the struggle of blacks in America…the history is clear…and covers 450 years…and counting

          we fool ourselves…if we truly believe…that white America has fully recovered…from their beliefs…that allowed both slavery…then 100 years of segregation

          with brutal lynchings…bombings…arson burnings…land and business stealings…beatings…bans from all local employment…bans from home purchases in other than redlined urban neighborhoods…bans from GI and FDA home loans…bans from almost all aspects of American life…like the Homestead Act…from being treated…as just another human

          anywhere else…that is called pure and simple…oppression at best…and terrorism at it’s ugliest

          so tell me your story…on why you believe…that your own people…destroyed themselves

          • patrioticvigilantie

            To your first part, see the media from news,net, and music, i know not every black man are not pimps drug dealers and gang members, nor do they call each other names, this is not the white mans fault.
            And for the rest of your post, again these are things that are of the past,and white man and the gov, has done much to make us all americans as equal, not every one is on board, or out to get you.

            Being a native i can see that both black man and white have much to get through, but it appears at least the majority of white men has extended the hand of peace and freindship, as well bestowed, help to most of us non whites, the black man again not all but they are the ones getting the most attention, is speading hate, and dispair.
            This is what the world is seeing.
            If you get the chance, take a look at the last human rights meeting at the UN, about thos topic. You may not like what ypu hear about black americans.

          • Armond

            don’t know if you read left to right…but looked at the UN Report…nothing new…that I haven’t known…over the past 50 years

            Racism in the Prison System; Racial Profiling; Police Brutality…Un Human Rights Commission-2014

            Of the report’s 25 issues, four looked at racial disparities within the United States’ criminal justice system and law enforcement practices. It denounced the “racial disparities at different stages in the criminal justice system, sentencing disparities and the overrepresentation of individuals belonging to racial and ethnic minorities in prisons and jails.” The committee condemned racial profiling by police and FBI/NYPD surveillance of Muslims. It also denounced the continuing use of the death penalty and “racial disparities in its imposition that affects disproportionately African Americans.” Finally, it expressed concern at “the still high number of fatal shootings by certain police forces” and “reports of excessive use of force by certain law enforcement officers including the deadly use of tasers, which have a disparate impact on African Americans.”

          • patrioticvigilantie

            not all we were destroying our selves some tribes were friendlier than others for example the crow they were not farmers they weren’t really much of hunters they would raid e villages for their women and for their food stockpile as one example and ask for an Indian state if you would look at Indian reservations she would see many states are actually full of them Oklahoma for example during the Civil War many tribes in the deep West at the time fought for the Confederacy not because they wanted slaves but the Confederacy promised land to the north. The natives toar the union a new a hole, but this did not matter it made things wores for the natives after the war, Grant made sure of it.
            As for the U.N meeting i was refering to was about ferguson, i was disapointed my self. I do agree the police need better regulation, i also relize police are needed, and as long as they do there fucked up job correctly they deserves respect.

  • patrioticvigilantie

    The American black culture has been in trouble for awhile. When a group of people who promotes slavery by pimping their girls and women, and bragging about how many hoe’s are in their stable, gangs, drug dealing, killing cops, and all other races, and again brag about it. this is not a successful life like the rappers love to rap about. Many love to blame the white man, by the way, white man did not start slavery nor did it trade slaves on the world economy, but white man did end the trade on a industrial level. Im not hear to say all blacks are bad evil and can not live as a civilized people, I and close friends of many who are well educated. They are not the majority of blacks who glorify the thug hood mentality.
    Some love to say its there culture its a black thing you wouldn’t understand. Fine your right I don’t understand why one would want to destroy my town, and demand some one else to clean and pay for something better. Its long time to take responsibility for ones own actions, and act like civilized men, not boys who through temper tantrum when things do go their way.
    Take Ferguson for an example. It has come to light that the cop Willson did his job, and shot a black boy who was a thug after all, during the investigation many black riot and looted, thanks to Holder, the police local and state are too scared to do their jobs because the federal attoney gen, will make their life and career hell. My thought to this is to blockade the whole town. No one end no one out. No police no fire dept. no medical, , no water no sewer, being the blacks seem to want to destroy there own homes, and act like animals, and don’t want the police to do their jobs, leave them to their own vices. Perhaps some drone fly by’s to watch the place turn to hell. maybe some aid drops, Being it would seem they prefer chaos over order perhaps this is what the Black boys want. Let them have it. At best it would make good reality t.v… would be like watching one of my favorate movies form the 80’s Escape from Ferguson. But being that these black boys and girls want it this way, sorry you made your homes this way, now live in it. Its all your own making. enjoy,,,,
    I don’t call them men nor women, that would imply that they would be educated and take responsibility for their actions,… and as we see, the biggest boy of them all Al Sharpton, has of yet claimed responsibility for his actions, and further promotes childish behavior and the blame game and the over played race card.

    • Armond

      and you wonder…has your delusion…reached that pathological state

      but lucky for you dude…ObamaCare…covers your mental health issues

      and do say hi for me…to your dad…Police Chief Bull Connors

      • patrioticvigilantie

        Ah nothing like name calling, im betting you think im a white man.. No try again.
        I dont use the net for all my knowledge, get into a library, my freind. Read journals and dairies of the past. Youll be amazed and shocked, what is not taught in schools, and ignored, the majority of the people of all races owe much to this country, and men and women of law. Most with a badge are not out to get you.
        Btw im part of the la grand tribe, and i thank the US has done for me and my people. And i dont care for ones who thinks this government or white men are to blame for some people choices in life,
        If you have not noticed, every one is tier of the blame game

        • Armond

          the name calling…was all right there…in your original post

          and yes…this country has been of great benefit for many…but…at the expense…of the few

          and those few…where in that place…based solely on their race

          and what you see today…is generations of oppression
          to benefit…the greater American society

          what do you know…of the proposed American State…that would have had…a majority Native American population

          • patrioticvigilantie

            I am native American, ive benifit much from what this country has done for me and my people. Yes thanks to Andrew Jackson many of natives were displaced and wiped out. But look at what has changed and what the government has done for us now.
            We dont hold grudges, we have benifits, that many dont. We dont preach hate for the white man, and as a native i do know my people history, we were not very nice to each other pier to the white man. They drug us into civilization, for the better.

          • Armond

            would seem that it is hard to judge the benefits of colonization to the Native American Indian…when within 20 years of the first appearance of Europeans in the Americas…up to 90% of all Native American Natives…had died from the spread of diseases…like the common cold and flu…brought here by Europeans to which they had no immunity

            however…please tell me why there is no Indian State…when there might well have been one

    • Sophie

      I am aware that this conversation took place 4 months ago, but I
      wish to say that you made very sound points in your comment Guest. This may be an unpopular thing to say, but I believe that the rap-culture is destroying the Afro-American society. I agree with you that they sing about the glorification of unlawfully obtained wealth, hoes and disregard to authority. By contrast, no other genre has such a destructive message. With so many Afro-American men in jail/prison, is it any wonder? The aspiration of ‘thug’ life. 

      Of course it is not just rap music that has attributed to angry black man, or maybe rap is just reflecting society. I mean, which came first, the chicken or the egg. 

Whatever the case, the situation is that black men are portrayed as
      violent and have a strong presence in jail. When you consider that Afro-Americans make up 14% of the American society and how they make up nearly half of the inmates!


Black women are also portrayed as violent, and are, certainly in comparison to other women! No doubt both black men and women are angry (I presume deep down it is anger at the status quo), however, it is time that strides are made to move forward and change this worn stereotype that has strong truth to it. There is no need for

      As for slavery, it is a terrible thing that happened in the past, however, it WAS the past. One must never let their past define them. Of
      course it should be remembered and taught! However, you can either
      let history cripple you or give you fuel for change!

  • victorbradley

    I hope the Black lady mentioned that your friend doesn’t know what he’s talking about. America is a deeply racist society (if you want evidence, just ask, and prepare to be flooded.) I’m confused by her statement that you only like “black Cubans” was she saying that you only like Cubans who are Black? or that you only like Blacks that are Cuban? Either way, White Cubans are notorious for the racism which they practice against the people they enslaved, so in that limited sense, she didn’t know what she was talking about either.

    • Moxie Girl

      black people enslaved black people. Lots of races have experience slavery at one time or another, time to let go of what the dead has done.

  • barry irving


    …you people must be crazy!

  • Guest

    It’s not just black men anymore, it’s black woman as well. Busted broken down black people who are soulless, completely void of morals and brains. Our problem is cops or white people like most would like you to believe, the enemy is within our own. Too many broken black folks breeding and giving birth too hood rats and thugs incapable of living healthy happy lives. The number 1 killer of black men in this country is other black men. You would be a fool not to arm yourself and shoot to kill when one of these black rats come at you. You have every reason to fear them, they are feral animals.

  • Moxie Girl

    It’s not just black men anymore, it’s black woman as well. Busted broken down black people who are soulless, completely void of morals and brains. Our problem is NOT cops or white people like most would like you to believe, the enemy is within our own. Too many broken black folks breeding and giving birth too hood rats and thugs incapable of living healthy happy lives. The number 1 killer of black men in this country is other black men. You would be a fool not to arm yourself and shoot to kill when one of these black rats come at you. You have every reason to fear them, they are feral animals.

  • Moxie Girl

    My son is struggling with being black. He does’t like how so many people lump all black people together, especially black folks. He is embarrassed and ashamed of the behavior of most black folks, he thinks most are feral, ignorant and violent incapable of living in society. I’ve told him a number of times these are not his people, that those idiots can say what they like but no other races do that so we shouldn’t either. I really wish this country would wake up to what is really going on and those that don’t want too should be forced to live in the hood with these soulless animals. That would change their minds I am sure.


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