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  • Shannon Hayden

    i admit i don’t trust most black guys.because one minute they are ok and the minute they freak out and cuss people out when people say no to’s like they are bi polar or something.if a white guy acted like that i’d be in fear of him to.but it’s mostly black males i have seen act crazy when they don’t get their way. .

    • MSneider57

      agree, black men are out of control.

      • Dion Scott

        Men period are out of control has nothing to do with race, but since you injected race into the situation, look at the history of what black men have went through in regards to police brutaility, and lynchings. Must we keep playing childish games of lets forget our history. Oh yah lets forget how we have tortured, degraded, abused, and villified black men for hundreds of years in this country, and it continues to this day. As long as asian, latino, and white men are out of control, black men will be just as out of control. The world is full of chaos period!

        • Scott James

          Lyinchings almost always followed a white person getting murdered or raped. They did not happen for no reason. The 1930’s was the decade with the most lynchings in the USA with almost 1000. In that same decade blacks were convicted of killing 12,000 white people and raping over 25,000 white women. Cry me a river.

          Asian and white men commit no where near as much crime as blacks and mestizos. Tribal societies were violent and blacks and mestizos are not very far removed from tribalism.

          • TheWhiteGuyLogic

            The world, low and behold the white race mindset.

            Irrational, unreasonable and beyond all understanding.

            No wondering they are now murdering a bunch of Muslims calling it ‘freedom’.

          • Scott James

            Your comment is pathetic. When will you morons realize that name calling no longer works.

            What I wrote is the truth. Only a complete moron would believe the truth “irrational, unreasonable, and beyond all understanding.

            As far as bombing Muslims goes you should blame the jews that are controlling the US gov’t using their control of media and the money from debt creation scam.

            I do not know a single white nationalist that approves of killing Arabs for the jews.

            Again you are pathetic and too stupid to see that you need to come up with sound critical arguments if you want to convince people your ideas have merit. Your simple name calling will never work again.

  • Kevin

    I’m a black man; and when approached by a group of black teen males on my late-evening walks with my wife, I get trepidatious. But funny enough, when a group of white teen males walks toward me at a similar time of night, I get the *exact* same feeling. So, its not really race that has earned the reputation, rather a rowdy group of teenage males. Similarly, this 6-word phrase would work equally as well with any race inserted instead of “black.” Or perhaps just removing the race tag all together. Angry men are scary.
    The little boy I adopted (a white young man) was afraid of big men (white men incidentally) not because they are scary, rather that his experience with his father was abusive. Perhaps anger is the problem, not race?

  • Ribbit

    I just don’t understand what’s so foreign to them about returning a, “Howya doin?” or a friendly, “Hey, what’s up?” Whenever I say this to them they just get this blank, vaguely hostile, confused look on their faces and never show the slightest interest in returning the greeting …or being civil. I don’t get it.

    I’m white, btw.

    • White Light

      In the few cases where Whites act this way, they call it “hatred.”

      • Bill

        You two in particular might be racist (White Light you are). I have white friends, colleagues, etc despite negative interactions with some people who happened to be white – I am not white and grew up in a white neighborhood. My mother always forced us to say hello to neighbors, hold doors, etc. Most of them didn’t say hello back to me, even as a child. It hasn’t changed now, I say hello they keep their mouths shut or say hello to someone else in the hallway or even try to close the door on me when I come in behind them. Either way, I won’t use these people or you two to make an excuse to create generalizations about a whole race of people – my issue is with the people in my building not an entire race of people. Because of that I have friends of all races. Ribbit you should try the same unless you are really looking for an excuse.

        • BlessPapaBenny

          Your anti-Whitism is showing Bill.

        • John

          Bill, you are the minority. Most are douchebags. Kudos to you.

        • Justin_Igger

          It is not racist to hate ni66ers. It comes naturally. That’s why all races hate ni66ers, not just Whites.
          The more you know.

    • TheWhiteGuyLogic

      Well, based on white history, you can hardly blame them for not trusting you.

      • Scott James

        Have you ever thought logically about the white history you claim is so bad? Jews and Arabs kept blacks as slaves for 3000 years. Whites for 200 years and then whites ended the African slave trade. How come whites are blamed for something we ended?

        White people have done more to help people not like us than all the rest of humanity combined times 10. All we get for our trouble is hated.

        Stone age people were displaced all over the world. Only whites gave the primitive people we displaced places to keep their culture alive. Non whites killed the men and assimilated the rest sending their cultures down the memory hole. Whites are blamed for “genocide” of the stone age people even though their cultures are alive and kicking. There are over 3000 tribes in the USA alone so charges of genocide are laughable.

        Only white nations allow the rest of the world to immigrate into their nations. All non white nations have laws ensuring that their nations stay ethnically homogenous.

        The accusations of white racism are lies. Most of what is considered racist from whites was really just self defense. Now that whites have stopped the so called racist self defense we are crime victims of non whites in giant numbers.

        The white awakening is upon you and you believe that the old name calling calling is still going to work.

        You are a fool.

  • olblue9

    I have witnessed this with “black” and “white” people mostly in urban situations, which leads me to believe it is a “learned natural self defense” behavior of the jungle. Depending on the situation, any person can be seen as aggressive.

  • Blu Soulstn

    The first person to own a slave in the United States was a black man…have a nice day

    • Brutus

      Was that slave white?… See you in a minute.

    • Bridge Harrison

      I’m so sick of this rationale.
      1st and foremost I’d certainly love some documentation of this “fact”. I’m certainly not believing Christopher Columbus brought over any black man of free will to America.

      2ndly, yes there were black slave owners in Africa. These slaves were prisoners of war. They weren’t based on the idea that because of their skin color they were only fit to be inferior slaves.

    • TheWhiteGuyLogic

      Whites are basically overgrown children “he did it first” or “he did it too”. That’s what an 8 year old says.

      Silly Caucasoids.

  • Marcos Villega

    This is why every law abider should C&C firearm. With the gang problems on the rise, surely many Trayvon x10 situations will be unavoidable. Black local gangs are killing, cutting off ears, tongues and gouging eyes out from relatives or anyone’s relatives accused of ratting.

  • SCW

    I think what happens is when a black man acts to stereotype we remember that. There a literally thousands of black men going to college or work every day minding their own business. They pass through life invisibly because they are ordinary. I also think that young men of all races have learned that they can intimidate with anger. There is no longer any social push back against their anti-social behavior for a variety of reasons. Fear being number one. For reasons I cannot explain the risk of being disliked or punished is no longer enough to convince young men to behave in a socially acceptable manner.

    • ShepardBooki

      As a young woman in a college that prides itself on being racially diverse, I can say that my experience has definitely reflected this. The young men in my classes, not all of them of course but a great majority, use loud voices and intimidating postures to get their opinions heard and to shut up others. Race is of no consequence, yes young Black men have used their anger as a tool to intimidate, but the White and Latino boys do it in similar numbers *I have not had a class with any young men of Asian heritage*. I have noticed that they do this more to women than to men. It is as if they have been taught that intimidating women is the proper way of starting communication, that women won’t respond to you otherwise. Also against much older men, as though behaving in a commiserate manner to what authority figures expect somehow diminishes their worth.

      • Scott James

        You are delusional. Black men use violence to solve their problems way more than white men. This is a fact that can be proved very easily. The FBI counts Mestizos as white so white crime numbers are artificially inflated and still way below that of blacks.

        Your anecdotal evidence means nothing against the hard numbers proving your ideas false.

    • Justin_Igger

      For every one ni66er doing the right thing, there’s a thousand or more being a ni66er.

  • Lashawn Williams

    Well there are good Blacks like me and bad apple negroes. My Polish boyfriend and I were holding hands in the mall yesterday when four black girls laughed at us and said, “hey, peckerwood pokieman.” Black women are disgusting, abhorrent creatures.

    • victorbradley

      I could see why looking in the mirror YOU would get that impression. But I assure you, it is inaccurate to generalize from your own disgusting abhorrent nature.

      • Justin_Igger

        He is absolutely correct, though. Negro females are some atrocious, hideous beasts.

      • John Novak

        And I’m sure that YOU never judge ANYONE, victorbradley. You are better than Lashawn HOW exactly???? You can disagree with someone without calling them “abhorrent”.

        • victorbradley

          When someone calls my mother, my sisters and my grandmothers “disgusting abhorrent creatures” I’ll refer to them as whatsoever I damn well please.

        • TheWhiteGuyLogic

          Because she made the disgusting comment you idiot.

  • Ryan Crippen

    ‘White Girl Bleed A Lot': The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It
    By Colin Flaherty
    ISBN-13: 978-1938067068

  • Justin_Igger

    Have a gun, reach for it if you ever come across a negro. You never know when you’re going to have to shoot one of the unevolved apes.

  • Benjamin Lomax

    why don;t I have the right to be angry….? and why would YOU be a fried if i was? what is in your heart… that you should be afraid?

  • Benjamin Lomax

    why don’t i have the right to be angry? can you tell tell me why i should not be angry? why dose it make you angry that i’m angry? and and what is in your heart that you are afraid of my anger? the educated i become the more i understand what was done, what is being done, and what will be attempted in the future…. its really not me you should be afraid of its you self…. From angry Black Guy… to an unrepentant white socity

  • Benjamin Lomax

    why don’t i have the right to be angry? can you tell me why i should not be angry? why dose it make you angry that i’m angry? and what is in your heart that you are afraid of my anger? the more educated i become the more i understand what was done, what is being done, and what will be attempted in the future…. its really not me you should be afraid of its your self…. From angry Black Guy… to an unrepentant white society.

    • Scott James

      We don’t care that you are angry. We just want you to stop killing whites and raping white women. Oh and you can stop ripping us off too. If you do these things you can be angry to your hearts content. You can even keep believing the fantasy that whites treat you badly. Just don’t expect us to care.

  • Actual Black Man


  • Oscar

    the truth is that, it’s people that black guys act that way, whenever people see us, even without knowing who we really are they start to act scared and thats what really pisses us off

    • John Novak

      You think all us white folks are such scared little wimps.

      • TheWhiteGuyLogic

        Unless you’re in a group…

        • Scott James

          You have it backwards. You tribal people need the group. Whites are individualists. You are so confused. Nothing you believe is logical.

  • Becky

    This post upsets me, especially the last sentence. It’s statements like these that perpetuate racism. Anybody has the potential to be a threat…race, gender, etc. aside. And those more likely to be a threat are so because of reasons other than their race. An individual’s proneness for violence could be related to being abused as a child, being homeless, being in the foster care system, being apart of a troubled peer group, or something else entirely.

  • TheWhiteGuyLogic

    So how’s a racist post like this get accepted?

    Oh, the site owner is white.


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