Appearing strong. Mending daily. Race matters.

Tony-CroppedAnthony Charles Bradburn,
Crystal Lake, IL.

As a Dominican, it’s easy to get lost in nationality. The truth is I have a rich, beautiful Black line of people before me. I am honored to stand with them and cull their strength. The truth is I have white, Spanish Imperialistic blood in me. The truth is the great Taino tribe reigned in Hispanola before these other groups arrived. More space is required to express how I feel about all of this, but at a glance–excited, scared, tender. For now, that about covers it.

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7 Responses to "Appearing strong. Mending daily. Race matters."
  1. barry irving says:

    …I don’t see a you have a complaint about something? It’s always good to know your Roots. You say White Spanish imperialistic blood? Are you aware that the Iberian Peninsula was enslaved by the (Black ) North African Moors from the 8th to the 15th centuries?..they were the group who arrived here in America before Colombus!

    • Shigaya Nimurai says:

      I would like to know why people thinks spanish are whites… northern spanish people have more white blood than southern, but that doesn’t mean they are whites xDD Spain is an example of mix of races since ancient times. Here they were a lot very different indo european peoples, phoenicians and this slavics and the moor conquest later, we had jews here until the catholic crown made them runaway along with the moors (don’t you think their blood was mixed with others who could just blend in without being noticed?) and I am sure I am missing a lot of other ethnicities (did you know some spanish even have japanese blood in them? but that is another story). And let’s not forget about Basques (yes, those people in northern spain who speak this language of unkown origin who the bulgarians claim their long lost brothers), some of them migrated inside spain, and towards America! xDD

      It feels a little difficult to understand? Yes, DNA is a funny thing… you know one even funnier? RNA.

      • barry irving says:

        …Spain was originally a European type culture and Race…there are Spaniards who are very White, Blue Eyes and Blond Hair…their opposites are still White or Tan…mixed
        Race people. The conquering of Spain forever changed their genetics. They are Afro Spaniards…

        …Thry probably don’t agree with that…Spain is still very European and the people are largely White Skinned, but the African Blood is noticeable as it is with Dark Italians…There are Moorish Festivals in Spain annually…they recognize the culture that enslaved them because is was total…so the Moorish Traditions still remain although Spain is not Africanized as a culture.

        …It is the African / Indian populations in So. America and Central America and the Caribbean who became the African side of Spanish culture. Like Africa…there are more descendants outside of the country than inside – due to Slavery

        • Shigaya Nimurai says:

          You know? I am spanish, (mixed blood, but spanish most of it) and there are regions where you can find indo eropean (white) blood, but everywhere you look, the greater part of spanish people has dark hair and eyes. about skin, you can maybe find a whole 40% light skinned, but is not a white country. I traveled a lot from west to east spain, visited a lot of places, lived in a lot of cities and towns there, and I asure you that spain is darker than italy by far (if you don’t take into consideration sicilia), I travelled Italy too, from north to south (but all in the west side) and they were more light skinned with a lot more people with light eye colours.Spain has a great amount of famous people that are white like, but that is just because they (here) think that as more beautiful…

          • barry irving says:

            …I met a lot of Spaniards in N.Y.C. where i am from…they are Dark…Even the White Skinned Spanish people have dark hair and an Ethnic rather than a White European look

          • Shigaya Nimurai says:

            They are true blondes and redheads among spanish people (most of them in the north) but they are not as many as the dark haired… There are some people in the north west that have pitch black natural hair, but are white as milk even in summer. There are many races in spain, and colour combinations, so I don’t think we are of a race… we are more like cats, people put us in that basket or that other basket, but we aren’t actually from one of them, but a combination of them all.

          • barry irving says:

            …don’t agree with that…identity is so non tangible unless you know for sure all of your available history or all of what you identify with culturally and why…I am both, so I am sure…I am medium Brown skinned and have 1st relatives who are what we call high Y’alla (yellow).

            …we are all close and grew up together…most of our family are dark skinned…we have two English and English / Irish relatives about 5 generations back. So even though my Aunt is my complexion…her husband was a very light skinned African American – her children were all very light except for one out of three…

            …her mother my Grand Mother was Light – husband very Dark. So with this mix…light or dark can spring up in any generation…it’s never an issue if the family is socially and culturally aware.

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