Ashamed of Irish heritage: leprechauns, Riverdance.

Springdale, AR

This project is amazing.

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  • Steffie

    “Riverdance!” LOL Cute.

  • Brandi.J

    Do not be ashamed of your heritage! I am Irish also. I know that most of our music can be seen as “uncool” in a traditional sense. I remember I was at a senior dance in high school and they played the song “If I ever leave this world alive” my best friend is puerta rican and she started making fun of it. I told her at least you can understand what he is saying! Mean yes, but it made my point. NEVER be a shamed of who you are. If possible, take a trip to Philadelphia at some point of your life. Visit South Philly. Visit any Irish dance academy. You will come out beaming with pride. I grew up in Philadelphia with a huge Irish flag always in my front yard. I can never be prouder of who I am!


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