“Asian” to whites, “white” to Asians


Being of mixed race can make a person feel out of place, and lacking of identity. My friend and I were talking about which race we feel closer to and he said to me, “white people think I’m Asian, Asian people think I’m white.” of mixed Asian and white I do feel similar. Being a part of both races, at first thought you would think that we had two homes but instead sometimes it feels like i have none.

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  1. AMW says:

    I feel the same way, I’m the same mix. People of colour often make it into an “us vs. white people” thing, which is so hard for me, because I grew up loving white family members and also hating them because they hated me for being different. I can’t retreat back to a “safe place” where everybody is the same race as me and understands, because I’m always part of some internalized racism, and I’m always different from them. Just because my parents have an interracial marriage doesn’t mean that they aren’t reproducing racist power dynamics and they caused me to grow up with some kind of self-hatred because of it. I don’t know if its the same for you, but its cool to see that someone else is talking about being Asian/White beyond talking about appearances, lol.

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