Bad hair good. Hair, me roar!

Dad-70th-Bday-Wknd-2012-033Susan Williams Frappier,

It`s just a hair thing. I spent my childhood wanting to have bouncy, floaty, flippable hair. It`s only now at 37…38 tomorrow, that I have embraced and called beautiful and amazing MY hair. I no longer want to be like everyone else. I still think the others are beautiful, it`s just that I think they are beautiful too – NOT instead of.

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  1. Ashley B says:

    I have to AGREE with you!! I too had a period of my life where I wanted to suppress who I was (which meant my hair)…Now, I embrass my AFRO and where it freely because I am not ashamed of who I am!! I find it beautiful as I find others beautiful!
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