Again I was barred from dancing.

temptationsStephen Pagel
Wichita, KS

In my early years I saw The Temptations on The Ed Sullivan show and was blown away not only by their singing, but especially by their moves. Through them I discovered the Motown sound, and Stax, and The Philly grove and learned I had natural rhythm. When I hit college, started going out and dancing people realized I could hold my own on the dance floor. One night some friends asked me to join them at a club. When we arrived I was told I was not welcome. Several times these friends would invite me to a new club in their neighborhood and when other friends asked why I was back on campus so early I’d say “Again I was barred from dancing.” I love dancing and all I wanted to do was dance with these friends or see live a group I really enjoyed, yet back in the early 70’s there were clubs I was not allowed in because I was white.

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  1. Audrey Fischer says:

    Stuff like this happens, and it’s terrible, and people deny that racism against whites does exist. Not being systematic or institutionalized doesn’t change that, racism is the belief that all members of a specific race share the same characteristics. We need to separate racism and oppression to talk about race honestly. I will say that we are not oppressed. I am sorry that this happened to you and glad you shared your story

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