My beautiful black boys deserve HOPE!

Boys-at-Beach-Aug-2011Maria Roach
Bowie, MD

My children are too young to understand racism. They see people in three categories: family, friends, neighbors. But I see the moms who fearfully pull their children off the playground when my family arrives. There are good people and bad. Judge by actions, not by skin color!

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One Response to "My beautiful black boys deserve HOPE!"
  1. barry irving says:

    …also know REALITY…
    …you can’t change all people and in the real world, you only “theoretically” deserve hope or any other charity. In the world, their may be advantages held, but there is also skill, intellect that we are born with and fate. These are the things that life revolves around. Not perceptions and projections.

    …don’t let any one tell you different. Your Sons are in a better situation than “WE” ever were. All of progressive life has it’s down, violent and dangerous sides. Today young African Men are part of the Global Culture through Hip Hop Culture and the development of the African American Art / Fashion Culture. This is what our parents didn’t have. Their life was about assimilation. Ours embraces the evolution of our new world culture and lifestyle that the Global Community is interested in. America is their home conflict…but the World is their greater Community if it is about freedom. They have a choice of movement in the world that was non existent just decades ago!

    …in your neighborhood, one thing should be clear. You either belong there or not. There are always going to be a few haters. If it’s more than that then it’s time to move. There is no need or reason to live in social discomfort.

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