Being black isn’t my full story!

Carletta Jones
The Woodlands, TX

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4 Responses to "Being black isn’t my full story!"
  1. Walter01 says:

    I am an African-American male and my name is,  Walter.  I live in the Sugarland area and in my diverse neighborhood it doesn’t matter who is the next person to move into the empty house cause we welcome all races.  I went to school in Fort Bend ISD. and it didn’t matter what side of the room or what part of the bus I sat in.  My best friend for many 33 years is hispanic, the owner of the company I work for is white, my best co-worker is Asian, my insurance agent is Chinese.  I said all of that to say that it will take all ethnic groups to come together in order for our future to be more prosperous.  Whether  I’m at work or off my boss/ owner never worry about the color of my skin only but my ability to my job and I am treated like a member of his family.  I think the majority of America really are  not racist just more afraid to be a leader by telling others that its really silly to be closed minded.  It’s really sad to read post from people that are so angry for nothing. I was raised to love my neighbor and that means you too!!! 

  2. Wolverine says:

     Walter, I am new to the Sugar Land area 1 year now and that diversity is what I love about this city! I was not thrilled to move to Texas (or the South period) because of the past and present ignorant state as far as racism is concerned but I have had no problems with race or being treated as a second class person.  I was glad to see that Ft. Bend county voted democratic for the election. To me it was not about race but being able to see the world with open eyes and not afraid of changing the old gov’t ideas. This area is progressive and looking forward for everyone’s sake!

  3. Randy1x says:

    Black nor African American are races,  one is sort of ethnicity the other sort of nationality(contradictory). Race is simple as far as the racist engineers that created the paradigm, Negroid.

    • Kdsmithjr2003 says:

      African American as nationality is not contradictory. Italian Americans know what country their ancestors came from, so too do Irish Americans. African Americans refer to ourselves as such because over 2 centuries of chattel slavery in America cut off any possibility of the “pedigree” most white Americans enjoy.

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