Being blonde isn’t always more fun.

Heather Raymond
Grand Rapids, MI
Understanding Race Project – University of Michigan

People say that “blondes have more fun,” but having light hair isn’t what it is cracked up to be. Many times I find myself at the receiving end of stigma when I have a “blonde” moment: dumb, human mistakes blamed on the color of my hair. These “blonde” moments then turn into judgement of my intelligence and my mental capacity usually being underestimated.

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3 Responses to "Being blonde isn’t always more fun."
  1. patrice says:

    never could figure out why that is “okay” so rude these comments I heard a blonde remark from someone who would shidder if other person/characteristics where put in insted of blonde unexcuseable

  2. soapboxsally says:

    These “blonde” jokes and remarks are actually sexist. They are always about women and always insult the intelligence of the “object” of the remark. As a woman, though not a blonde woman, I have always taken offense. Strangely, I have heard many women indulge in this biased and offensive brand of humor.

  3. Heather O. says:

    Those blonde jokes are never ok. Growing up I always wanted to be blonde because I was taught that I would never find a husband since men don’t like brown hair. Why do people say things like that? My blonde husband likes my brown hair just fine.

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