Being proud of my race = Racist

Corinne Anderson
Stoke-on-trent, STAFFORDSHIRE

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3 Responses to "Being proud of my race = Racist"
  1. That’s something I never liked.  Why should racial pride be limited to “minorities?”

  2. Perstephanie1 says:

    I can wrap my head around ethnic pride, and I show up at my kids’ school for their diversity week and have my 15 minutes + food for German (me) Ukranian (dad).  I also tell the organizer that if they have several parents for either, I’m happy to skip a year or work as a team/group because A’s parent from Tobago, or D’s parent whose family came to the US as part of slavery or other human traffiking, also have a family and community history. Learn from the pain, and carry forward the love and hope (leaving a potato famine or oppression behind)

  3. I think the problem is a disconnect in how we use the word pride. “White pride” generally means white supremacy, wanting to dominate the culture. “Pride” when used in conjunction with other ethnic groups generally means reclaiming history and culture. So when there’s an Asian festival in my city, people of different Asians heritages celebrate their cultures, their histories, and the stories of their families. How is that a bad thing? I just don’t find it threatening.

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