Being “White” doesn’t mean I’m Racist


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3 Responses to "Being “White” doesn’t mean I’m Racist"
  1. benny says:

    No, but it does mean that you have lots of unearned advantage. That advantage does not make you a bad person; it simply means that there are things in life that will be easier for you because you are white.

    • Duke Chaney says:

      You mean like having assistance for college because skin color, or advantage applying for a job because skin color, advancement in the military because skin color and on and on. We have so many special programs for minorities that if you are white the unearned advantage is you get to compete against the people of color and the programs they get. Just because a person is of color doesn’t make them stupid so why all the special programs because that is the excuse they just aren’t good enough on their merits their must be a special program for them Talk about having advantage. My step kids were denied minority programs in college. The reason given was they are Asian and they are smart so they don’t qualify. That was at SMS University in 2001.

      • noire says:

        uhhh…there are scholarships and programs for just about everyone. I have seen scholarships for people who had a family member with alzheimers or cancer. You probably just werent searching hard enough.
        What i believe benny was getting at was the fact that if youre white, you arent racially profiled as much. you have a higher chance to get hired, you get a shortened time in prison than a poc for the same crime, etc. Doesnt mean that you dont have hardships, you just get a bit more benefits than poc.

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