Better to offend than not discuss

mallahan_180Joe Mallahan
Seattle, WA

As a white man raised in the United States, I have, by no choice of my own, indelible racist perspectives ingrained in me. While my logic and my civic values reject this racism, it doesn’t change the fact that my brain clicks to a different place when I’m interacting with an African American person. But to discuss this fact is offensive to Whites and African Americans alike. It’s very easy to stay quiet about race. Thanks, Michele, for coming to Seattle and speaking at the MLK celebration at Mount Zion Baptist Church.

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  • Truth

    I agree. This biggest thing we need to discuss is black racism.

  • olblue9

    Great card, I was raised to treat all people equally, but our minority biased media tells us to treat them as special. I hope that one day we will all be free to treat each other as family.

  • Jessica

    You are 100% correct and I am tired of being told over and over again that to apologize for being white by liberal zealots in the media and academia. Being a minority does not make one entitled to a special “leg up”. Why don’t we move forward instead of dwelling on the past?

    • Franczeska

      Who asked you to apologise? Names, please.

  • Regina

    I think some of you folks missed the point of this card. He’s actually saying he wants to talk about some of those ingrained, racist perspectives in an effort to counter/stop them, but finds that many others — both white and African American — would prefer not to because it’s a touchy subject. But he’d rather have that conversation instead of avoiding it. Hence the card: “Better to offend than not discuss.”

    • Johnny Vineyard

      Another overlooked issue with communication about thoughts and feelings: critical reading skills.

      You took the words right off my fingertips.


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