Bi-racial daughter draws Black self portraits.

image8Malika Los Angeles, CA Our daughter began to draw what she saw in the world very early. She wakes up from vivid dreams, grabs a sheet of paper and illustrates the thunder and lightning, fairies and wizards, monsters and princesses from her nighttime imagination. Having grown up in America as a woman of African ancestry, so much of my life has been defined by race. I wanted my daughter, who is bi-racial (black&white) to determine for herself who she is and what she’ll become. It tickles me to see her self-portraits of a brave, dark-skinned girl with brown curly hair that falls off the paper’s edge.

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One Response to "Bi-racial daughter draws Black self portraits."
  1. barry irving says:

    …maybe you should find out what she sees in falling off the edge…doesn’t sound tickly to me!

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