Biracial girl always marked as “white”.

Alex Johnson
Bentonville, AR

My father is Caucasian, born and raised in Arkansas. My mother is Hispanic, born and raised in the Dominican Republic, despite her time living in both New York and Arkansas. I’ve seen myself as biracial since I found out my mother was from outside the states but, every time I fill out a survey that asks for my race, I usually can only pick “white”. My parents tell me to write “white”. But that’s not what I want to write. That’s not who I am. I am biracial, half Hispanic and half Caucasian. I may not look it. I may look like any other Caucasian girl. But this is who I am. I am biracial.

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7 Responses to "Biracial girl always marked as “white”."
  1. personne says:

    (I wish this site said when posts were made.) I am similar. It must be extra hard if both your own parents are telling you to write white. I am guessing it is because of the culture in Latin American countries that denies black/Native American ancestry and goes on the myth that everyone who can possibly get by saying they’re white (solely of European genetic origin), must be white? I am half white and half a mixture of black/Native American which probably also includes some white, possibly very similar to you going by my knowledge of Dominican demographics. I agree you should feel able to write your actual backgrounds down. Even if your mom has the culturally prevalent trouble identifying her background honestly, you can be honest about it and take pride in it rather than feeling you have to be ashamed for it or hide it.

  2. Iris says:

    Put it this way from Mexico all the way to what Chile…. They are considered Latinos. (Originally indigenous people-) Europe took over “Spain” hince the Spanish speaking language. Except Brazil- people from Spain are white European. There are people on Latin America that are pure Latin, then some mixed mestizos Latin & Spanish European & then some black. Just like every other country flooded with explorers if you will & a slave trade. However, the problem with ethnicity in America is that you can be black and Hispanic & you will be accepted as black or if not and Hispanic… What ever you choose but have an ounce of white in you and something else other than black & your white and heaven forbid if your light skin. Hello Sofia Vegara was a blonde as a child… Jesse & joy of Mexico people. Yet if they grew up in America didn’t open voice their ethnicity and get into an altercation with someone who is black… They’re considered white & racist. What’s even sad is that I’ve seen Latinos even do that to American born Latinos 1st generation even. No people everywhere look at being white as bad, if you’re Latin & white & people want to just say your white who cares. Mostly it’s the blacks doing the labeling or sheltered whites who only know associate Hispanic/Latina with only the dark skin ones.Food for thought look k how blacks reacted to the song by Brad Paisley & LL COOL J.

    • Kerby Hendricks says:

      I’m starting to see a pattern across several messages Iris. Apparently the only people who have a problem with race in this country are Blac. I have news for you. It’s not true. Look up “MeCha Reqonquista” and
      Look up an article on any White Nationalist website and see what they think of people who are mixed like yourself. The truth is every race has individuals who are racist jerks, but then again I guess we only see what we want to see and remain blind to that which maybe challenges our conventions..


  3. Mr. Hanky says:

    If you say you are white, you will likely be screwed out of the job even if you are the most qualified. Like most whites, I have no issues with Hispanics or Asians. We generally work hard and support our families and don’t go around killing innocent people.

    • Kerby Hendricks says:

      I beg to differ Mr. Hanky there are studies that show where White ex cons are given jobs before Blacks with no criminal record and more qualifications, or where Blacks with “ghetto/ ethnic” sounding names are. If the person interviewing has biases against Whites Blaacks Hispanics or Asians you are screwed. That being said, nearly every job I have had I have been interviewed by White Males and hired by them. In return I work my ass off and try to be the best, most productive employee I can be. I’ve never gotten fired from any job, or forced to resign and always have good letters of recommendation to take to a new job. I had only one experience where I think race may have played a part in me not getting a job and that’s not bad considering that I’m 40 and have been in the workforce continuously since the age of 16.
      I also beg to differ on your opinions on who goes around shooting people. In California (where I live) Mexican American prison and street gangs are the ones shooting and killing people, so much that in my community Blacks are hardly even pulled over or suspects in most of the murders and shootings that take place. While I agree that there are far too many young Black males incarcerated for murder, I’m not naive to the fact that most murders are intraracial (one race killing its own) rather than interraccial ( outside of ones own racial group) blacks kill blacks, whites kill whites, Latinos kill latinos overwhelmingly more than people kill people of other races.


  4. sad says:

    Hispanic people are white. They just have Spanish last names, and they are descended from the Conquistadores instead of the Pilgrims. Most Hispanic people have some mixed blood with African and Native. Also, most “white” people in the US have some African or Native American mixed in, DNA studies prove this. So, why not call yourself, “human” instead of worrying too much.

    • Kimberley says:

      Most whites in the USA are not mixed. Some are, but most are not. There have been studies done that show the different ethnic groups will almost always marry someone from the same ethnicity. The different European groups often stick with their own as well. Such as German ethnicity marries German, English with English, French with French, and so on. And when they don’t marry into their specific ethnicity they almost always marry into a white ethnicity. It’s recently become a lot more common for the different white ethnicities to mix with eachother.
      It’s funny that you say DNA studies prove that most people are mixed, because I have seen many different DNA studies, USA-based, that say the opposite. Only a small portion of the white population is mixed. I have not seen any DNA studies for Latin America, but I imagine it could be the same for some areas.
      I’m really starting to think white erasure is the new wet dream. I’ve heard this before. Then there are some who try and claim the white race is extinct. That in Europe they’ve all mixed with the Roma and whites in other places mix with the people in the places they inhabit. I call BS. Like sticks with like more often than not.
      I’m disturbed by these rumors. I wouldn’t wish racial erasure on anyone, why do people seem to hope for my race to mix out?

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