Black AND White, no clear fit.

BJ-head-shots-004Barbara Jones,
Albuquerque, NM.

I was raised with a Northern European bias by Mom and family, my Black birth father not really being in the picture. It didn’t bother me being the only kid of color in our white family – you do get some interesting questions. When people speak of our first Black president, I want to remind them that there is a whole dynamic around being bi-racial. Never quite ‘black’ enough to be black, yet clearly not white.

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One Response to "Black AND White, no clear fit."
  1. Mari says:

    As a biracial woman, I very much relate to this. I, too, was raised by my white mother and her family, and my African father wasn’t involved in my upbringing. It took me a long to figure out who I was (simply me!).

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