Black. Not Black Enough. Too Black.

Anchorage, AK.

To the black community, I “act” too white to be like them. To the white community, my skin is too dark to be like them. I am black. I am not black enough. I am too black. No matter where I go, I can’t seem to fit in anywhere. All my life I’ve heard “Why do you talk/act like a white girl?”, “Why don’t you act black?”, “You need to stop trying to be white.” I don’t try to act or pretend to be any race, I’m just myself. If I hear something I like, I listen to it. If I see clothing I like, I wear it. I’m sorry I enunciate my words that’s just how I was raised. Maybe it’s just me, but my parents taught me to see the person and not the skin. I don’t want to live my life being a color… I just want to be a person, but in this world I have to sit alone and never feel accepted all because I am black, but not black enough, and just too black.

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One Response to "Black. Not Black Enough. Too Black."
  1. Brigitte LaBorde says:

    You are so incredibly beautiful. Have you ever thought that maybe they are just jealous of you and intimidated by your beauty? My six words to you, Pretty Girl: Lower your standards for no one!

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