Black body language scares white people

Karin Callahan
Submitted via: NPR’s Talk of the Nation

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2 Responses to "Black body language scares white people"
  1. lsmith8675309 says:

    Black and White people need to learn about the truth of the Civil War. There are free e-books from a government project that sought to preserve the dialect of the black slaves. If you want to know how slaves were treated in the South. These books are the documented testimony of former slaves. Everyone should seek truth. Those that claim to have a relationship with God would seek the truth about history or the Bible will have no meaning. Communism which is judaism seeks to destroy history as a method of destrying the Bible and the truth it contains. Moving forward is their way of keeping us all ignorant of the past. Everything we are taught about history is a lie. Media has no shame. Pastors have no shame. Both shamelessly lie to the people as agents of our communist government.

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