Black dad. White mom. White skin.

Courtney Hudak
Seattle, WA

Sometimes it feels lonely.

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  • Medina-Merino

    ,,,go to any university town and you will see yourself coming and going…black men and white women are a tired cliche in every university town…you won’t be lonely too long..

  • Sira

    Yeah. I am half-black, part-native american but because I have light skin, freckles, and green eyes, I am constantly rejected by both of those communities. Actually, a lot of black people can tell I’m mixed because of my facial structure and features, but they still refuse to accept me as Black. My parents always tell me that my race is my choice, but I quickly found out it wasn’t. One black guy I was dating said I wasn’t black because the African-Americans in my family are “too successful”. What does that mean?


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