Black family history hard to uncover

Chadwick Campbell
Berkeley, CA

Being black and from Louisiana, searching for my family past my great grandparents is very difficult. Finding people who were, literally, not legal citizens of this country is a very difficult endeavor.

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2 Responses to "Black family history hard to uncover"
  1. Jenni H. says:

    Incredibly difficult. Also difficult, uncovering the history of impoverished families, whatever race or color. Poor families don’t own land, and at least mine kept to themselves, staying in the same area for years, but leaving no records, no objects, no structures, no stories.

  2. Derek Nicholas says:

    Hard and difficult yes! But not impossible. Getting back to your great grandparents is difficult enough, Especially not knowing the location and area of their residence. But freed blacks were a determined lot. They knew the importance of keeping the family connected. Some spent the rest of their lives searching for realatives after freedom, and still are. In the 1800s into the early 1900’s before and during the great migrations, many individuals resided with other close relatives. The census workers at the time, usually listed these individuals as “borders”. I’ve found countless relatives residing in the households of other kinfolk.

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