Black grandma, White grandpa. That’s weird!

c970075678f111e3ae51126993c4de79_5Val’Dionna P.,
San Francisco, CA.

Throughout the years it has been a bit difficult to understand the many emotions and stereotypes being of color and mixed. It is important to understand that how one is raised growing up in a complex world that continues to critique someone on the features or melancholy of their skin shouldn’t be acceptable. Someone being mixed doesn’t mean they’re going to act like one race over another. Some people even think because two different races become one resulting to an interracial relationship is bad. People think individuals from two different cultures coming together and do the unthinkable is confusing. People tend to push away things that they don’t understand. Thus people identify people with being confused about their identity. It baffles me that even as a child people constantly told me that I was “white washed” because I speak proper.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …people from the masses are ignorant in numbers…society has it’s baggage that comes in many forms. I wouldn’t call you mixed because of one White Relative. I would say you have some European blood in your line. You look Brown to me. The photo can be misleading according to the amount of light used.

    …I have two English, Scottish relatives from 250 years ago one Great Grandfather on each side. So we have our Yellow people who are very light, because there is also a bi Racial uncle closer to me…we have a few tan people and we have most of us who are Brown to Black. We are still African Americans.

    …my people speak so called “proper” too…but we are still African people…we know that, so there is no confusion with us! When I moved upstate N.Y. at age 21, I adopted an upstate accent unintentionally…it’s still me from the So. Bronx, N.Y.

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