Black lesbian CPA, it’s really me.

image2Andrea Hyson,
San Francisco, CA.

About two months ago, I finally met a new employee in another department. This woman and I had numerous phone conversations but hadn’t yet met. I decided to stop by her office to introduce myself. Another employee was at her door as I approached. As I turned into her office, the other employee introduced me and woman literally had a physical reaction. She jump back in her sit and looked shocked and while recovering said, “You’re Andrea.”

It caught me off guard but at the same time I smiled. I am so use to people having some preconceived notation of who I am. I just shook my head and presented my hand with a smile. I do my job and run my business based on my knowledge base not my color or sexual orientation.
I’m a CPA who owns a small tax business while working a full-time job in the tax department of a privately owned investment company. I am approaching my 10 year anniversary.

As an out lesbian with short hair (sometimes bald) on the butch side of the equation, I am who I am and can’t and never would change it. I like me.

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2 Responses to "Black lesbian CPA, it’s really me."
  1. A.B. Madyun says:

    Can’t change means you won’t change. Can’t is a negative that can always be challenged in your case. I also really wish you people who are helping to promote the white agenda of homosexuality, and lesbianism would stop equating it with the black struggle. Our struggle is for human rights. Yours is to promote a negative behavior that was subliminally sold to you and the rest of the LGBT community by white supremacists as a distractive device to divert the American public’s attention away from real, and more important issues that effect all of our lives with more direct, and serious impact (LGBT inclusive). All your distractions do is make corporate America’s dollars work more efficiently to line their pockets whether you realize it or not. Stop being a part of the problem.

    • barry irving says:

      …dude…you got it ALL MIXED UP…nothing you said makes sense. if you are addressing sexuality, then stick to that…sexuality and expression in America is a specific subject. What you spewed is just nonsense!

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