Black, White, Puerto Rican. I am all.

Paul Hobson
Douglasville, GA

My paternal great-grandfather was white who loved my great grandmother who was a slave. They lived together as one because they could not be married under VA law. He gave us our name and cared for all his children. My grandfather could not tell me our family history beyond his father. We are a strong family. I consider myself black and yet because of my history, I hold no ill will toward other races. My maternal grandfather was Puerto Rican and my grand-mother was black…so as you can see I have a “rich” heritage. I grew up in a black neighborhood and I consider myself black. Race goes beyond the color of one’s skin…it also includes environment…my family is strong and I am happy to be called a black man… a man of color.

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One Response to "Black, White, Puerto Rican. I am all."
  1. Patti Moore says:

    Not “a black”….I’m a person

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