Blackanese is not Black or Japanese.

myselfBrian Murray,
Seattle, WA.

Growing up it was always hard to find my own identity because I came from a bi-racial background. I am half Black and half Japanese and always had problems being accepted by either racial group because of my uniqueness. Although coming from a low-income housing development called the Rainier Vista Projects did help me to identify with my Black roots as it was a predominantly African-American community and as the saying goes, ” If you have one drop of Black blood you are Black”, and your birth certificate is proof of that.

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5 Responses to "Blackanese is not Black or Japanese."
  1. howieone says:

    never ever in all my 66 years have i heard that term. still got lots to learn, thank you.

  2. Darkside_Hero says:

    The kids like to use Blasian nowadays.

  3. Tsujino says:

    As a fellow “blackanese” I grew up in Japan, but moved to the US in predominantly black areas…so I’m still having an identity crisis

  4. lynda says:

    I self-identity as Japanese-African American mainly to honor the truth of my cultural perspective. Although not accepted by either group, I was raised by my Japanese mother while my African-American father served our country. While I can navigate both cultures, it is clear which one is dominant.

  5. NorthEastKP says:

    In Korea your half Korean not Blasian. In Korean culture we follow bloodline from father or mother side. Mother side Korean blood line is much stronger. That is very big difference.

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