My black friends aren’t like that.

image3Pinkish Jim,
Seal Beach, CA.

I was raised hearing this idea expressed many ways. My parents bought into all the racial stereotypes in the 50s and 60s and yet they had black friends. Their friends weren’t like the rest of them. They were different. None of the African Americans we actually knew fit the stereotype, yet so ingrained was our bias that we never questioned the stereotype.

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One Response to "My black friends aren’t like that."
  1. ebonydiva06 says:

    I’m black and I don’t know much of anyone who fit those stereotypes either yet they are so ingrained in society. It’s strange really, when I hear how murderous black people are yet I don’t know any murderer personally. I know a few people who killed in self defense and it haunts them to this day even though it was a kill or be killed situation.

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