Sheila Galper
Las Vegas, NV

I always thought, how lucky we are to have eyes to see, but if we didn’t would color matter?

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  • brynn

    I appreciate where you are coming from, but if we didn’t have eyes, as human beings we would look to distinguish each other from one another by some other means – it’s part of the human experience.

    However, “not seeing color” or being “colorblind” is not progressive, it’s compartmentalizing and a denial of someone’s cultural experience.

  • Aniyah Oberlton

    I love this, because some people just judge by how someone looks but if you could not see then what

  • Malik

    i like this, because when someone meets someone from a different race that person usually judges that person on his/her skin and race.

  • melody

    I think this is very worth while to think about. If this were to ever be true, it would result in everyone actually liking a person for exactly who they are. I think this would help us be true to our self, even without knowing what color your skin is.


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