“Block Busting” started the race war

Madonna Gage
Cypress, CA

When I grew up in Atlanta in the 1960’s, “Block Busting” was the cause of much of the white fear in the city. It was believed that if a black family moved on the block, the value of the houses would go down. My father, who was white, believed that many black families could not afford the houses without support from the NAACP. As a result, we moved at least 12 times when I was in high school.

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2 Responses to "“Block Busting” started the race war"
  1. Bowlesm says:

    Ironic, in trying to maintain “home value” many $$ spent on moving, selling and buying. I suppose that in the long run if one were to total, it would be a big loss.

  2. Samuel says:

    Do you really believe that race relations were “all good” before 1960s in Atlanta?  I suggest you grab a history book because you are completely mistaken.

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