Blonde woman has Choctaw great grandmother

Angela Dickerson
New Braunfels, TX

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4 Responses to "Blonde woman has Choctaw great grandmother"
  1. Sleigh says:

    My father is Irish, my mother is a Blackfoot Indian. They were married in the fifties and were never mistreated.

  2. Cthains says:

    My Filipino grandfather married a full Yupik Eskimo. My half Yupik/Filipino mom married a Polish/Irish guy from Brooklyn. My daughter has almost strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, while I have almost her black hair, brown eyes, and an olive complexion. It was only weird when a nurse asked if my daughter was really mine.

  3. Same here, well I’m red haired and freckeled but same difference, two of my grandparents/great grandparents were born on Indian Reservations, I am of English, Scottish and Irish desent from my European ancestors and Cherokee and Choctaw from my Native American ancestors, does that make me white, native, other or just a true American someone whos ancestors come form both the old and new world?

  4. American_Race says:

    Viva la Heinz 57! What’s in your bottle?

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