Blue Eyed Blonde Haired Native American

090Bethany Longstreth,
California, PA.

I’m so pale, but being Native American is an important part of my history. I don’t think that people should not believe me when I say that I’m Native American, just because I happen to look more like the German side of my family.

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4 Responses to "Blue Eyed Blonde Haired Native American"
  1. barry irving says:

    …in genetics, the percentage of Blood connection does make a difference. You are not Native American like a full blooded native. You may be German with “some” Native blood…that’s a reality. Knowing the language and culture puts you in a stronger position, but Genetics don’t lie!

    • Ashley Jenks says:

      Have you ever heard of recessive gene? I think not!

      • barry irving says:

        …I don’t see your point. She said that she was Native American. There are so called Native Americans who ave 1/16th or 1/32 or less Native Blood. Native people who are full or predominantly Native Blooded do not look like this young lady.

        She did not say if her native relative was mixed or full blooded. If there was a mixing of Half and half, she would look different. The further away you are from one specific relative, the less you resemble them Racially.

  2. chuen says:

    Well back durng the first true World War the first born Metis (Mestizo) people were considered good for “indian” slave trade what happen to the Tupi and Guarani is also a good example. Obama is considered black and white, Mexican native american are considered Mongrel people. Aboriginal people are still well and alive in the Americas,”you” have black Choctaws and Seminoles, pure White Ojibway and Cherokees and Pan American people (Latin America) are predominantly Mestizo and Amerindian decent. There for “we” would still be in war camps like the north american reservation, being hunted for sport like patagonia indians, or maltreated like all of Pan American farm workers if it was still legal. thank the creador for Hiawatha’s Great Law of Peace who wrote the constitution. Inlakech Oyasin tepoch Ometeotl (i am you you are me, to all my relations, thank you very much oh GReat Mystery). History don’t lie as well my you my sister you are what you want to represent, their are Mestizos and Aboriginals who pray to a white Tribal Jesus of Judah and white saints. “We” can also adopt other race into the clan, tribe and nation like in the beginning and thank the creator for the four main elements that make up the 5th which is you, you are your own Messiah and that mix race man named Chief Joshua (jesus) died like a First Nation person as well. inlakech..

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