But, you didn’t sound black.

Steven Nelson
Los Angeles, CA

Before the advent of email, people would commonly say this to me when they would meet me after a phone conversation. Funny, they always squirmed when I responded, “Oh. What are black people supposed to sound like?”

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2 Responses to "But, you didn’t sound black."
  1. TheSteelGeneral says:

    Good one!  As someone with Chinese heritage, I used to hear this a lot: “Oh, but you speak English so GOOD!” After the first few times, I stopped correcting them.

  2. GoHoosiers says:

    My boyfriend & I have discussed his experience with this. He runs his own business and frequently sets appointments via phone call. Many times his clients are surprised (& I think also uncomfortable) when a black man shows up to do the work they hired him to do.

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