But, sometimes I have racist thoughts.

Hobe Sound, FL

I don’t try to be or even want to be a racist. But, sometimes (much more often than you might think) those thoughts just “happen”. It’s like a reaction instead of something thoughtful.

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2 Responses to "But, sometimes I have racist thoughts."
  1. wuzzi says:

    Dale, do you have racist thoughts or do you think badly about bad things done by someone who is not your race? (first thing to think about)

    Also, one thing NOT discussed with much honesty in the discussion of race is that the human brain functions constantly by classifying things. It is our brain’s nature to make assumptions – i.e., “stove top burned my hand, stove tops are hot, always avoid stovetops,” and also to be more comfortable with things we know (i.e., if you are raised in a Baptist church, you might find the differences in a Catholic service a bit uncomfortable, and even be anxious about doing the wrong thing). Since we still seem to be in a self-segregating, to a great extent, society, it is hard to develop an awareness of and comfort within a culture that is not one we spend a lot of time in.

    I try very hard not to judge people on their skin. My biggest flaw in that, probably, is a constant worry that when someone not like me sees me they will assume that I probably am someone that doesn’t like them. 🙁

  2. Martin Kuc III says:

    I get the same feelings too. I get angry and I will say some nasty things about people different from me. But is that the hate I breathe day after day, no. My emotions get the best of me and I eventually calm down.

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