Called white but truly mixed race.

Amber A.
Robeline, LA

How many white people, especially white Americans, can actually say they are 100% white? I know I can’t and I really don’t care, either.

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9 Responses to "Called white but truly mixed race."
  1. Just a person says:

    Very true.  I’m a Louisiana girl also.  Most of my heritage is European, but I also have Native American roots.  I don’t think people should feel that race makes them a person, being who they are, their ideas, their personality, and how they treat others is what makes them a person, good or bad.

    • Caron says:

      I have red hair and fair skin most people don’t know I am 60% native american from different grandparents, great-grandparents and such. Iam the only fair skin in the family that can’t tan and have to hide from the sun while everyone else in family goes out and in a day and look great, I use to ask all time if I was adopted even after my mom showed me a pic with her holding me in hospital with red hair already I was doubtful as kid.  My dad has black hair my mom brown (though after I was born she added red highlights)  they just told me there was a redheaded ancestor back in the tree.  Anyhow,  I don’t even bother to mention it, because people don’t really care what you have in you but what you look like.  People who say thats not true, that people shouldn’t judge you for your color or how you look are the same black or hispanic people that suddenly turn around when I tell them how much native american I have in me and say well you wouldn’t understand you look white.  So it does matter what you look like by their own statements.

    • Keytona says:

      I also have Native American roots along with Scottish. And then on my Mothers side well who knows everyone who knew is already gone.I have  been asked  if  I have Asian in my family or Indian. There is more to us than color. 

  2. Cduck930 says:

    I have a different situation; I am the father of two mixed race daughters. So often, as in the case of President Obama, they are restrictively labeled as being “black”. They are much more than simply that, though. 

  3. Validemail says:

    You are all ignorant.

  4. Tracy says:

    I am being forced to label myself as white but I am mixed Italian, three tribes of Native Americans and German.  I don’t feel I am white because I look too different from the majority of the white population.

  5. Chednut says:

    When our three-year old son asked why Daddy was Chocolate and Mommy was Vanilla, we told him that he was Butterscotch. They are all sweet!

  6. MJT says:

    Not “white” but “from a single ethnic group”. I’m Sicilian Italian, Gaelic Irish, and Danish, in that order. My mom is the only one of us who really looks “Anglo”. I look at my 1964 kindergarten class picture from St Phillip and I see a group of kids who are a Heinz 57 of ethnicities within “white” with a little Latino and a dash of Polish/Asian. Vive le difference.

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