Caribbean Americans are not African Americans


Caribbean born Americans are way more disciplined than African Americans so they should not be put in the same category.

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14 Responses to "Caribbean Americans are not African Americans"
  1. KunnyL says:

    Have you met every single African American?
    Have you met every single Caribbean American?

    No. So don’t make assumptions.

  2. Penelope says:

    More disciplined? What does that even mean? If we’re going to be perfectly clear: African-American is a blanket term that refers to anyone descended from the African diaspora and has American citizenship. Caribbeans KILL me with this distinction. Exactly what “category” do you think you belong in? The “Disciplined American” category? Give me a break. In America you are BLACK. This country does not care what “category” of black you are. TRUST ME. You are BLACK. You are a black person in America. So quit your judgment, get off your high horse, and deal with it.

    And, yes, I am an African-American woman, of remarkable discipline. Find some humility.

    • Jay Dubya says:

      Don’t you love how this further divides? But more importantly, it should tell you just how much the self-hatred is real. People are waking up and hating themselves because of their skin color. And what they do is find a bouncing board (which happens to be any black that is “African American”. This is why Caribbeans and “Africans” hate “us”. They blame “us” for how “they” are treated. They blame us for being put in the same boat.

      • Penelope says:

        Precisely. I hate to admit it, because it sounds so hick, but it’s comments like these that make me want to say: well if you’re so much more this or that than “African AMERICANS” then go back to the Caribbean since it’s so disciplined over there. Why are you even in the country, then? Don’t come here and criticize the people who were ALREADY here. But alas, Caribbeans tend to hold their chests high and pride themselves on their arrogance. Equally, their self-hatred, is unmatched, in the diaspora (save for Latin Americans).

  3. christopherallen says:

    Nigerians, Ethiopians, and Jamaicans, more so the former two, often have the same unspoken disdain for black Americans. Nigerians have the highest levels of academic attainment in the u.s. right now and are well represented in STEM-related fields. I read an article somewhat recently on how a bachelor’s degree in Nigerian-American culture is the equivalent of a H.S. diploma and thought as inadequate for competition in the job market. I encourage research on the topic as their achievements are vastly understated. A friend of mine, Jamaican, hails from a family who owns a private pharmacy in the suburb where we both grew up. He was instructed by his mother as a teen to date/marry any woman except a black (american) woman. Preference for black Jamaican of course. I get the sense that black immigrants have a lot of pride. So do we. Difference is, their kind of pride galvanizes them to do better and live up to their greatest potential. Our pride beats up their pride for “acting white.” It’s sad.

    • @bridgetc_lee says:

      With all the education Nigerian Ethiopians and Jamaicans have they can NOT seem to be able to run their countries. COUNTRIES full of stiff, poverty and racism of their own. SO before you start judging AFRICAN AMERICANS (Americans of African DECENT) CLEAN up the trash dumps you ran away from.

      • Howard Bonds says:

        thats dead on…first they dont have much education. That in itself is a joke…second they seem to have these filthy poor ignorant lazy people in their country back home. its like 1 in every 10,000 people can read anything…and they just up and ditch the country and move here….. and they are so impressed with themselves! did you hear? they opened a store! I am so amazed! did you hear they WENT TO COLLEGE! wow…we stand in awe of your little store and your classes…its amazing that yall are the smartest people from your countries and your that stupid…

  4. barry irving says:

    ..I am Caribbean / African / American..second generation. Do you know who Caribbean people are?…i do. We are some of the only surviving descendants of “original African Tribes”…we are also multi ethnic…African, Hispanic, Asian and European. My people are from Trinidad and Tobago…there are some very old African centered societies there and no where else, much like Cuba and Brazil.

    The Caribbean was home to some of the most brutal examples of Slavery …you do know where Black and Brown people come from, don’t you?…if you are not African American and Caribbean American are the same Family…actually Hispanics from the Caribbean and So. America have the same genetics that African Americans do.

  5. Carl Poole III says:

    Wow, that felt like a smack in the face. Thank you for that….

  6. @bridgetc_lee says:

    I am African American and wonder if it is so great THIS CARIBBEAN life why did you leave? Maybe because your country is like the hood but just bigger?

    • Howard Bonds says:

      a hood is a step up…go online and just lookup crime in the caribbean…or any other of the places these bigots begot from…total lost cause…african american crime doesnt even count as crime compared to their nightmare…you guys do know we have the internet too right? you left because it sucks.

  7. Melody Liu says:

    Somebody should submit a race card complaining about this race card.

  8. Char says:

    People in the islands are very nationalistic. Actually most of the world is
    nationalistic. It is almost tribal when you think about it. I consider myself
    an islander, based on my place of birth.

    I will not, however, denigrate other people because of presumed ignorance. The above comment is based on ignorance and intellectual laziness. We are all the
    same, yet so different. It is kinda fascinating when you think about it.
    Cultural nuances fascinate me.

    I think if we could celebrate what makes us different without all the judgement
    we would be in a much better place. After all, we can’t exactly be lumped into
    one tiny box. That kind of restriction would be suffocating.

  9. Howard Bonds says:

    last we checked the caribbean is a nightmare. and if your an african living in america your an african american anyway…for example we have jamaican and haitain and puerto rican gangs here in the US…and they call them all black gangs…and consider them all african americans gangs…so you could please inform the caribbean to stop dumping their trash here that would be great…

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