“Check car locks because I’m black”

Cindi Knox
Joliet, IL

I am often unsure I locked the car doors, so I give the fob a couple presses to hear the horn. Sometimes there is a person nearby, and I wonder if the person thinks it’s because I’m racist. At a church conversation on race, an African American speaker talked about the subtle racism of “people who check car locks because I’m black.” Now I know.

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2 Responses to "“Check car locks because I’m black”"
  1. Jeanne Softcheck de Diaz says:

    Interesting, sometimes it’s such little things…I’m originally from Joliet and I remember how divided it all felt to me, even as a young child.  I hated that.  Wanted so much to connect with others, Latinos, Blacks…grew up in a heavily Catholic sphere…I think it’s different there now, but not all better.  I wanted to go to a Latin market on Cass Street and my brother was freaking out when I got out of the car to buy fresh bread.  It was night and he was sure I’d be shot.  Everyone in the store was friendly and there were mostly families shopping. My dad and I had been there earlier that week in the daytime and we bought tamales.  My Eastern European American born dad loves tamales and I think he was secretly proud that I spoke Spanish with the cooks.  And those tamales were ono!  (Hawaiian for awesomely delicious!)  

  2. Caron says:

     I make sure my doors are locked when any person, especially a man starts to get close to my car.  I do think that when the guy happens to be black, hes probably thinking that rascist b#$%!  But I get over it, if thats what he wants to think about me oh well. I am not going to take a risk with my life just to make someone feel better.  You can’t trust anyone these days, people who think you can judge based on race should look at the pictures of the crazies that shoot up stores/schools/movie theaters, they are normally white guys that look like a nice friendly guy or the serial killers, normally white males too.  Studies show that normally serial killers kill their own race too so, as a white girl…I am watching out for the white van with sliding side doors, white driver that wants to be “helpful”. I’d rather get shot for my wallet then kept for days, putting lotion on the skin… My husband thinks I should stop watching true life crime shows and pschological thrillers.

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