Chil’, she black BUT she pretty.

Lezlie Harrison
Brooklyn, NY

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  • You said it all.

  • TheSteelGeneral

    Falls in the category of “new racism”. It’s bias and prejudice.

    Other examples: “But you speak so eloquently!?”, “How is that you speak Italian so well?” (I believe that was once said to Kobe Bryant).

  • Another one that I despise from “Us” is: She pretty for a brown skinned girl. I have a brown daughter.  That sounds ignorant as hell. She’s a beauty regardless of skin tone.

  • Jasmine_noi

    “your cute for a black girl.”

  • Caron

    Those are same people who go up to fat people and go you have such a pretty face…and shake their head like what a waste if only you weren’t fat is what they are implying.  They think they are giving a compliment when really they are just being an a$$.

  • Allie

    People just suck sometimes. Plain and simple. The condition of many hearts are hardened.


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