Chinese daughter made me see ‘white.’

Kristina K.
Albuquerque, NM

Perhaps it takes a directly personal experience to be willing to see white privilege. We are a mixed-race family. My husband and I are white and watching our adopted Chinese daughter understand what it means (to her; to the world around her) to be different–not white/euro/caucasian like her parents, like most of the people around her– has taught me how easy it is to NOT see our own privilege. I did not see it (not as powerfully) until I had to see it through her eyes. It’s there.

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  • I’m white and my partner is Latina. I honestly didn’t see white privilege until she started talking about her experiences and I saw how she was treated in the world. I think we can open our eyes without that experience, but it does  help.

  • Mimi

    Yep, it’s there. Thanks for a great card . . . !


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