Christian conservative. Who will tolerate me?

Justice Poppe
San Francisco, CA

It seems that everyone is calling for “tolerance” and “acceptance”, and yet do they realize that when they call us bigots, racists, homophobics, sexists, etc. they are succumbing to the same intolerance they charge us with?

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8 Responses to "Christian conservative. Who will tolerate me?"
  1. Liz says:

    Well, unfortunately, the same crowd that beckons for tolerance (liberals) happen to be the least tolerant. Hang in there, keep the faith and there is no need to apologize.

  2. Kelsey says:

    It’s a double standard. We (conservatives) must accept everyone but liberals can pick and choose as they please!

    • Mary says:

      No, you are just so self-centered, you don’t realize how your views hurt others. If your views did not hurt others and perpetuate systemic racism, there’d be no problem. You are part of the problem.

  3. Liz says:

    Liberals are tolerant of aspects of people that they cannot change. (IE if you are gay, black, a woman, what have you.) Being intolerant is a choice that you have made (if you are in fact intolerant of people based on their gender sexuality or race) which is why we would not tolerate you.

    • Lizzie says:

      Who are they to judge who is tolerant and who is not? To them, tolerance is promoting whatever position they happen to hold while excluding all competing views. Tolerance is accepting people for their ways, views and beliefs, regardless of whether they overlap with their own or not.

  4. Aubrey says:

    Being black, gay, female, etc is not harmful and should be tolerated. Being racist, homophobic, sexist etc is harmful and should not be tolerated. I don’t see the confusion?

  5. Mary says:

    No, you are just so self-centered, you don’t realize how your views hurt others. If your views did not hurt others and perpetuate systemic racism, there’d be no problem. You are part of the problem.

    If Liberals had views that hurt MINORITIES or the UNDER-PRIVILEGED, then they would not be tolerated.

    You, however, are neither under-privileged, discriminated against nor a minority. Realize the immense amount of privilege you have on a daily basis.

  6. Bacon Meow says:

    The person who posted this said nothing indicative of actually being racist, homophobic, or sexist. I believe this person has a problem with being labeled as these things simply for being conservative and Christian, not for being called out for actually being racist, homophobic, or sexist. If the poster actually were those things, they might have posted something like, “Why do people call me sexist for saying that women are inferior, can’t they realize it’s true?” The poster did not once condone being sexist, racist, or homophobic. Homophobic, incidentally, means someone who “hates” homosexuals, not someone who disagrees with the lifestyle choice for religious reasons or otherwise. It is likely, in part, the issue with the way this last term is often thrown around that specifically has led the person to post this. I vote Democrat, but I have to admit liberals do throw these hot button words around A LOT and this ignorance is irksome. Everyone who disagrees with homosexuality (meaning the act, and yes whom you have the act of relations with is a choice, as your biological urges are incapable of raping you), or Affirmative Action, or the idea that a housewife is an abused woman being denied her true potential, is called one of these things by liberals in everyday life or in the media. We wouldn’t jump on a Hindu for thinking it’s wrong to eat meat, even though most people do have a natural urge to eat it, and since I’m fat it’s literally part of “who I am.” People have a right to disagree and have their own religious beliefs, even if they are conservative, Christian, or in other ways resemble the “traditional” majority culture of this country. So let’s give this person a break. Yeah, our guy is president, but let’s not be jerks about it. To the poster, I wish I could tell you it’ll get better, but I personally become more and more irked by this nonsense every day, and I’m probably less conservative than you. If you keep the love of Christ in your heart while you’re disagreeing with homosexuality, then it’s not bigotry and whoever tells you it is lacks a significant understanding of the very beliefs they are assaulting, and thus has no authority to tell you what you believe or what’s in your heart. God bless you and I hope you aren’t too disheartened.

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