Chubby, old, white girls CAN dance!

ZUMBADiane Auten,
Arroyo Grande, CA.

I am a 43 year old, white, chubby mom who also happens to be a Hip Hop and Zumba instructor. I often
get (new) people who come up to me after my class and say, “WOW! I was so surprised at what a great class that was.” Which basically means that they expected it to suck because I am chubby, old and white. I have even had people leave my class before giving me a chance because they stereotype me. But let me tell you; this girl has some MOVES!!! So, remember- don’t judge a book by its cover.

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5 Responses to "Chubby, old, white girls CAN dance!"
  1. barry irving says:

    …I know you want to brag a little against your critics, but in reality it’s not that you say you are a Zumba and Hip Hop instructor…it’s how good and “authentic” you are. I am from N.Y. so I wouldn’t send someone to Arroyo Grande Ca. to learn hip hop or Zumba…I would send them to downtown N.Y.C. – no offense!

    …I’m not hating, I just know that any one can take Zuumba Classes and get certified ( for a fee ) and anyone can say that they are a Hip Hop instructor. As one from the “original” culture, you would find my bar high and challenging!

  2. maria says:

    I agree dont judge a book by its cover. I’m black and cant dance hip hop to save my life. I can however dance cumbia, duraguese, bachata, salsa, ranchero like a professional fyi that’s all Mexican music. I have won numerous competitions and ppl just cant believe thier eyes when they see it. They think I’m Mexican and I don’t even look Mexican but I speak Mexican slang read and write Spanish ( yes proper Spanish lol) and uh I love myself. You go Gurl!!!

    • barry irving says:


      …um, to a Puerto Rican, a Dominican, a Cuban or any other of the Hispanic populations…when you are there, their Spanish is proper Spanish!

      • maria says:

        U like to be controversial huh. What does arguing about my Spanish have anything to do with this lady’s self esteem or dance. Yes I speak proper Spanish meaning not using slang words. Using Spanish that can be found in the Spanish dictionary and not spanglish. and if you really want to get particular Spanish is a regional thing and all regions speak it differently. Spaniard Spanish from Spain would be considerd proper Spanish. Not from Cuba or Dominican. But as I said each region is different and who are we to judge what is right and what is not since neither of us are Spanish. Its best just to love yourself and be happy with life. Who gives a flying flick what anyone else thinks Diane!!! Just love yourself and do your best….dont worry about the haters because I you don’t have haters then your not doing something right lol!!!!

        • barry irving says:

          …muy comment is referring to your comment…proper Spanish is usually meant to mean Castillian Spanish like what is taught in school. You don’t like comments on your comments?…you are on a public conversational forum right?

          …Castilian Spanish is European Spanish that originated in the place called Castille. Other forms of Spanish are always called improper…wonder why?

          Spanglish?…(Race card) …Nothing could be further from the truth. Languages evolve from the nationalities that make up the culture and the genetics of the people.
          …My family is Puerto Rican and African…Puerto Ricans don’t have to Speak any Spanish other than their “Native” style…they are Puerto Rican…not Castillian.

          …don’t pop a corpuscle and get that twist out of your Panties…that Turbo Super Wedgie must be painful…Ouch!..LOL!…G’bye!

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