College: We Accept Blacks over Whites

diversity1Alexis Bishop,

Quotas? Oh no, of course colleges don’t have those… or so they say. How else, then, can one explain why an African-American would be accepted in a heartbeat over a White American of equal credentials? Sometimes, this is even the case when the White student has higher credentials. Is this equality? Absolutely not. However, a college is marked as racist if it its population is not diverse and so the White student must now bear the costs.

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4 Responses to "College: We Accept Blacks over Whites"
  1. AH says:

    I like how whites who complain about college admissions rarely bring
    up the fact that they are often accepted over Asians of the same or
    higher credentials.

  2. barry irving says:

    ..there are no rel quotas that are based solely on Race. The Government must address past Racist practices of exclusion. Sorely for everyone, numbers had to be put down to satisfy not just African Americans, but the Civil righting of past wrongs based solely on race and fear. The theory is to attempt to bring up numbers and reduce racial preference. You are making a point that I understand, but it is irrelevant to the issue.

    …This is not about Racial preference and to say that it is, is ignorant. It is not a perfect solution obviously, because theoretically, the college population is then determined by numbers rather than academic achievement. We know for sure that up to a certain point in history, White preference was the rule at private colleges and many public institutions. That’s not necessarily superior scholarship…a lot of it ( especially in the fraternity / Sorority system and among the rich ) was patronage which excluded people of color.

    …but Civil rights law say’s that this the solution that is workable. Opinions are not relevant…only assurance that African Americans will get a population % shot at college for those who “may” be struggling financially or academically. Let’s not forget that African Americans have their share of scholars too. All government programs are numbers based.

    … The numbers historically say that Africans Americans should have a higher percentage of college level students. Why that is not the case involves Racism as well as the social / political disconnect associated with the modern rejection of Multi Culturalism. America was founded as a Free White society with people of color expected to take a secondary citizenship role.

  3. Janayn 'Melis' Evans says:

    I see your point but at the same time you are not seeing the other side. If a Black person happens to get college admission over a White person, then okay, yeah it happened. But after that Black person graduates they are 50% less likely to get a call back from a job based solely upon their name. They also have less of a chance with a Bachelors degree and no criminal record than a White felon of getting a job. Across the board White people disproportionately get more advantages over minorities. Also, there are more “under-qualified” White students getting into college than under qualified Black students. They are usually just called Legacies.

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