When Color Becomes Excuse for Character

Scott Gomer
Madison, WI

No matter which color our skin, certain perceptions seep into our common consciousness. Why do some people live up (or down) to their stereotypes? How can we all celebrate our differences in positive ways?

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One Response to "When Color Becomes Excuse for Character"
  1. Syeeda Tatum-Hensen says:

    Most people don’t see others differences as reason to “celebrate”. Different, to many means “not like me” , other…bad.You carry your face with you wherever you go. Most people will judge you instantly upon meeting, or even just seeing you. (Young, stylishly dressed black man). See, you just got a picture in your head. If you’d seen him you would have made some assumptions, jumped to some conclusions…judged.Unless you are a minority you have probably never been on the receiving end of a consistently negative stereotype. It is exhausting to constantly take the time and make the effort to approach people and dispel their “automatic” reaction to you. Some never learn how to do this. Some don’t know that it is possible to do. Some angrily dare people to put them in a box because of what they look like. Some just “live up (or down) to their stereotypes because they don’t have the time, temperament,patience,wherewithal,or skills to be an “ambassador ” for their race,gender,ethnicity etc. We must first realize that we all pre-judge. Often negatively. Refuse to typecast people we don’t know. Only then can we begin to see diversity as something to celebrate.

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