Why the Confederate flag is NOT racist

Daisy Martinez,
Holland, MI.

The Confederate flag does not represent and never has represented racism. It’s a symbol of the southern heritage, representing freedom, states rights, individual responsibility, and resistance to an out of control federal government.
It may be true that some racists have used the Confederate flag, but racists also wave the American flag. So another words the Confederate is NOT racists, us American’s also wave around a flag (the American flag) so why should us American say it is racist that they are waving around there flag when we are waving around our own flag. They have the right to wear and or wave around the Confederate flag it is up to the how they feel about it.

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2 Responses to "Why the Confederate flag is NOT racist"
  1. Josie A says:

    no, you are wrong, the flag represents a heritage of racism and bigotry. hahah don’t forget that the american flag waved high while Jim Crow laws were prominent. Just because there are 50 stars and 13 stripes on a flag that does not mean it represents freedom for a vast majority of Americans. If I understood history better when I was a child growing up I doubt I would’ve pledged allegiance to that grand old flag.

  2. Janayn 'Melis' Evans says:

    I don’t support either flag because they were both used to terrorize, kill and bring fear to people. What no one seems to address is why the people who claim that the flag is about heritage didn’t publicly attack the White supremacists that used it to publicly terrorize minorities. Where were they then?

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