Confucius say study hard respect parents

image8-1Alex Liu,
Columbia, MD.

Culture, inmigration patterns, history – it’s all very nuanced. Confucius did boil down the success formula though…what do ya’ll think?

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3 Responses to "Confucius say study hard respect parents"
  1. Confucist says:

    Confucius also says to look after your children, and to prepare them to live good lives. Not all cultures believe in that. And not all people who believe it have the resources that they need to make it happen.

  2. olblue9 says:

    Boy, I sure wish this Confucius guy was still around to advise us today!

  3. White Light says:

    Here is the true story of four indivudals:

    The first is the child of a lower-middle class family. He was suspended three times in middle school, he first had sex at fourteen, he was arrested twice during his high school years. He was a solid b-student, and had a reputation and someone who loved to drink and “party.” He was hated by a good deal of the school.

    The second was the child of Korean immigrants. She spent three hours a night studying for all her classes, all of which were advanced. She went to Asian SAT Cram School ever since she was a freshmen. She had a 4.0 GPA. All her teachers adored her, and everyone thought she could get into Harvard.

    The third was the child of rich WASPY bankers. He was a solid C-student, regarded as the most “popular” person in the school, and was probably the most sexually successful. He rarely took his academics seriously, ridiculing those who did as “nerds.”

    The fourth child was the child of upper middle class Jews. During his high school he had a reputation for being very smart, and studying very hard. He was also regarded as very “nerdy” and he rarely connected with people.

    So what happened to the four individuals? The first was a national merit semifinalist who went to a reasonably good state college and became a biologist, working for a drug company before being fired for purely personal reasons. After that, his old roommate got him a job working for a software company, despite not having any experience working in software. He has found himself to be very good at the job. The second got a very low SAT score she was only able to raise slightly after retaking the test twice. She got into medical school but later flunked out and became a schoolteacher. She was fired from four different schools in four years before getting tenure at a middle school. She hates her job. The third got into a perfunctory state school and majored in business. That didn’t stop him from becoming a manager at an insurance company making six figures, through nepotism. The fourth went to a prestigious school and majored in computer science. He later got a job working for a well-known software company. He was briefly making a six-figure salary. He was fired, for purely personal reasons. For two years he could not get another good job, he was briefly reduced to near-poverty. He finally did get another computer job, but one paying much less than his previous job. He later trained his replacement and was fired. He is presently struggling to find another job.

    What is the moral of this story? The moral is that intelligence is only tangentially related to effort, and success is still as much who you know as it is what you know. The first individual succeeded despite being everything you associate with failure, because he was smart. The second individual worked harder than anyone but did not have the intelligence necessary to be a doctor. The third individual had neither intelligence nor effort, but managed to succeed anyway. The fourth individual was very smart, but lacked connections and had a very hard time getting a good job. The first individual is me, the other three went to my high school.

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